Thursday, February 1, 2018

Unit 8_What is Emotional Intelligence?

Thursday, February 1st

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Hello class I am at a conference today, so this is your chance to catch up. This is the order you should complete the following tasks. If you get done early please start your homework!

1. Emotional Intelligence Handout
The sub will hand out a worksheet that explores Emotional Intelligence. You need to complete for class Friday. It should take you 20 minutes.
        A. Watch a short video on Emotional Intelligence: Interview with Daniel Goleman- 5 minutes
        B. Take an Emotional Intelligence Quiz.-15 minutes
        C. Answer Short Reflection

2. Work on Test Corrections
    - You are able to work on test corrections, but they MAY NOT leave the room. I will be                          available tomorrow after school THIS FRIDAY for additional time. Due: Next Friday, February 9th!

3. Begin Homework

Video Two_Part One

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