Friday, February 2, 2018

Unit 8_Defining Intelligence

Friday, February 2nd

Defining IQ and Understanding Theories of Intelligence 
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1. Shirt - 5 Minutes
In the past, AP Psychology has designed shirts! This is something the students were interested in doing. Students purchased the shirts on their own. The link above goes over the design process.

2.   Intelligence Across Cultures Reading- 15 minutes
       A. Partner Reading and Discussion
       B. Class Review

3. Lecture - Page 5
   What is IQ? Page 35 in Packet.
         A. What is IQ?
         B. Culture and Intelligence
         C. 3 Big Ideas from Unit

Yes you have two videos to complete! Don't forget to watch the second part of Video Two!

1. Video Two: Part TWO Emotional Intelligence
2. Video Three: Part ONE History of Testing

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