Monday, February 5, 2018

Unit 8_Emotional Intelligence and Multiple Intelligence

February 5th
Theories of Intelligence 
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1. History of Intelligence- Page 6- (20 minutes)
        A. Sort with partner, define each theory and draw an image
        B. Review each as a class

2. What is Emotional Intelligence (10 minutes)
      1. Video
      2. Emotional Intelligence Scores/Results
      3. Project- Due Thursday
In class you will receive this short handout. You need to have a short reflection completed on Thursday.  They will be collected and I will not allow late work. 
1. What are strong qualities of Emotional Intelligence?
2. Select a person in your life today that you believe holds a superior emotional intelligence. 
3. Tell me a little bit about this person and how they have influenced you!
4. Explain why you believe this person has a strong Emotional Intelligence. 
5.Include examples of how you believe they are self-awareness, manage their emotions well, empathy and relationships.
6. Include a Picture.
7. Must be typed/hand written and due: THURSDAY

1. Emotional Intelligence Reflection- Due Thursday 
2. Schoology Practice Quiz- THEORIES OF INTELLIGENCE-QUIZ 1-Due Thursday 
3. Quiz on Friday, Theories of Intelligence and Test Construction

Test Corrections this week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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