Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Unit 8_ Theories of IQ

Tuesday, February 6th
Theories on Intelligence: Multiple Intelligence
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1. Review Historical vs. Contemporary Views of Intelligence- Page 8
          A. Charles Spearman
          B. L.L. Thurstone
          C. Howard Gardner
          D. Robert Sternberg
          E. Daniel Goleman

2. Multiple Intelligence
    Multiple Intelligence- Page 8
    A. Video on Multiple Intelligence -Independent- 7 minutes
    B. Feather Demo- Class- 3 minutes
    C. Review the Terms- 10 minutes
    D.School video. - 7 minutes
    E. Multiple Intelligence Quiz and Score Test Link- 15 minutes
      Multiple Intelligence Test Link and 
  Period 1 Form
  Period 2 Form
  Period 3 Form

Homework for Thursday:
1. Schoology Quiz- Due Thursday
2. Emotional Paper- Due Thursday
3. Finish The Following Lectures on Test Construction:
 Video Three_Part One_Test Construction
  Video Three_Part Two Test Construction

Homework for Friday
1. Quiz Friday (Video One-Video Three)
2. Review guide question 1-5

Today in class I handed out the review guide. It will be due on Tuesday, February 13th with your note cards! Note card link. 

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