Friday, February 9, 2018

Unit 8_ E_Learning Day

Friday, February 9th
E-Learning Day 

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Happy Learning Day!

You have a take home quiz to complete. It is 30 questions and has a time limit of 35 minutes. You can also only take it one time. The quiz will close on Sunday night at 6 pm, so I can look over the data before class on Monday. As of right now we will take our test Tuesday. You have many things to work on this weekend! Make sure you also complete the homework:video 4 and the reading. 

1. Quiz Titled -Unit 8_Take Home Mandatory Quiz

2. See homework for additional assignments. Notecards, Review guide, T-shirt Extra Credit assignment. 

Homework for Monday
1.Video Four_Part One_Intellectual Differences 
2 Textbook reading page 544-554 or linked below. Take notes in your notebook. We will not cover this section in class. Independent Review . Reading on Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence 

Homework due Tuesday
1.Review guide
2. Note cards! Note card link.  

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