Friday, January 19, 2018

Unit 7_Classical Conditioning Quiz

Friday, January 19

Quiz on Classical Conditioning

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1. Who is who in Classical Conditioning? Page 13 Review
  a. Taste Aversion Review- John Garcia
      Taste aversion 
  b. Romantic Red- Andrew Elliot

2. Teacher will check in Notes on Video 1-4 and Webquest (Page 5, 7 -9)

3. Quiz on Video 2, 3 and 4.
    *If you are absent you have until Wednesday morning to make it up. It is located in the study hall.        Please meet me before school to check in your notes.

Homework for Monday! 
1. Video Five: Operant Conditioning_Part One
Or reading  227-232

2. Work on review guide -Test January 29th!
Here is the homework for the remainder of the week! Remember your test is Monday, January 29th

Homework for Tuesday: 
Unit 7_Video 6- Operant Conditioning Part Two- Schedules of Reinforcement
1. Operant Conditioning Webquest Page 21-23
2. Continue to Work on FRQ Project
Homework for Thursday: 
1. Schoology Practice # 3 Operant Conditioning
2. Review Guide #4 and #5
3. Quiz on Operant Conditioning Thursday
4. Project- Due Friday

Additional Videos that I didn't get a chance to show in class! 
Student Example
Additional Article:Article on Red 

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