Thursday, January 18, 2018

Unit 7_ Who is Who in Classical Conditioning?

January 18th
Classical Conditioning_Learned Helplessness
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1. Describe the difference between the following terms: Poster Terms
        Spontaneous Recovery
        Higher Order Conditioning/ First order and Second Order

2. Who is Who in Classical Conditioning?
           Ivan Pavlov
           John Watson
           John Garcia
           Martin Seligman
           Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta
           Page 13

3. Learned Helplessness Activity- Martin Seligman
        Learned Helplessness
        Additional Video on Learned Helplessness 

1. Review Guide Questions 2 and 3/
2. Quiz 2_Practice Quiz Schoology_Classical Conditioning
3. Teacher will check in Notes on Video 1-4 and Webquest (Page 5, 7 -9)- NO LATE WORK

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