Monday, January 22, 2018

Unit 7_ Operant Conditioning_Day One

Operant Conditioning
Monday, January 23 
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1. Class Questionnaire
     Operant Conditioning Opener

2.Notes Video 5- Operant Conditioning:
    Where did the principles of Operant Conditioning Begin?
    Edward Thorndike

3. Class Demo:
     Operant Conditioning Principle
     Shaping and Reinforcement

4. Notes on Video Five-SHAPING 
–What is shaping?
–How does shaping work?
           Shaping Behavior Video

5. Operant Conditioning
       B.F. Skinner
      Chart for Conditioning- Page 29

Homework for Tuesday: 
Unit 7_Video 6- Operant Conditioning Part Two- Schedules of Reinforcement

Here is the homework for the remainder of the week! Remember your test is Monday, January 29th!

1. Operant Conditioning Webquest Page 21-23
2. Continue to Work on FRQ Project

Homework for Thursday: 
1. Schoology Practice # 3 Operant Conditioning
2. Review Guide #4 and #5
3. Quiz on Operant Conditioning Thursday
4. Project- Due Friday

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