Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter Break Assignment_ Gavin and Kahn

Hello AP Psych Students!

HW Due Tuesday when you return:  (Ms. Gavin and I have the same assignment, so even if you're switching, this is your assignment)

Get ready to start the second semester. Everyone one is off to a fresh start. I can't wait to get back into the grove and get going with the second half of the year! Here is your assignment you should have completed for Tuesday January 9th. If you don't have the packet, take notes on a separate sheet of paper.

1.Reading 242-249 in text or Unit 7_Video One_Observational Learning- Take notes in notebook using the guide!

2.  Unit 7- Learning note cards Link to Quizlet 
Reminder about note cards: 
  • Each term on its own note card
  • term on one side, definition on the other
  • Leave space for buzz words, key terms and people (to be added during class)
  • INITIAL EVERY NOTE CARD  - Just a quick "TK" (but with your initials) in the corner of your note card. This will ensure that no one loses their note cards

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