Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Unit 6_Ways to Encode_Video 2

Tuesday, December 5th
Image result for effortful encoding

1. Three Box Model- Review Page 2 in packet
    - Sensory (Iconic and Echoic)
    -Short Term (Serial Positioning- Primacy and Recency)
    -Long Term

2. Serial Positioning Effect (Review List Terms)

3. Levels of Processing (Visual, Acoustic, Semantic)

4. Ways to encoding information
      Loci  And St. Bernard/ Hand Demo
     Mnemonic Devices
     Peg Word 
     Rosy Retrospection

Homework For Tuesday Night:
1. Video Three_ Storage 
2. Quizlet  Note Cards are Due Friday -December 15th

Homework For Wednesday Night:
Video 4_ Retrieval
Video 5_Forgetting 

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