Monday, December 4, 2017

Unit 6_Introduction to Memory

Monday, December 4th 
Introduction to Memory 
Image result for three box model of memory

1. Memory Activity/Video
Ted Talk Introduction to Memory

2. Review/Defining: Memory (Encoding/Storage/Retrieval)- Page 9

3. Review/Defining Encoding-Automatic Processing and Effortful Processing (Parallel Processing)

4. Review/Define
    Three Box Model- Page 15
    - Sensory -Short Term -Long Term
    - Serial Positioning Effect (primacy/recency)

Homework For Monday Night:
1. Video Two_Encoding   (Other videos for the Unit can be found on the youtube channel)
2. Quizlet  (Note cards due next Friday)

Homework For Tuesday Night:
1. Video Three_ Storage 
2. Schoology Practice Quiz

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