Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Unit 6_Eyewitness Testimony_December 12th

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Tuesday December 12th, 2017
Eyewitness Testimony 
Today in class we watched the following clips and completed page 23 and 24 in the packets. If you were absent please watch the following and complete page 23 and 24. Understand what could happen with our memory and how there are flaws to Eye Witness Testimony!

1. Watch the following Crime Scene-  clip

2.Who would you think is to blame? Eyewitness Testimony Clip- Line Up

4.Watch the following 60 minute documentary on Memory Construction and Eyewitness Testimony. Use page 23 and 24 as a guide to fill out!
Video One
Video Two


The last three videos, note cards and the remainder of the pink review guide is due Friday. You will have an open note quiz in class on Friday using these materials! I will check them in on Friday!
Unit 6_Video 7_Cognition
Unit 6_Video 8- Decision Making
Unit 6_Video 9_Language
Vocabulary Terms

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