Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unit 6_Decision Making

Thursday, December 14 2017
Unit 6_Decision Making and Language
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1. Review Unit 6_Quiz on Memory

2. Review Video 7
        Ways to Problem Solve

3. Review Video 8
          Decision Making

4. Language
2. Worksheet on Functional Fixedness
       *Extra Credit Powerpoint -
      Can't use the same idea. MUST BE A PERSONAL PICTURE WITH YOU IN IT!


The last three videos, note cards and the remainder of the pink review guide is due Friday. You will have an open note quiz in class on Friday using these materials! I will check them in on Friday! The quiz has 22 questions!

Unit 6_Video 7_Cognition
Unit 6_Video 8- Decision Making
Unit 6_Video 9_Language
Vocabulary Terms

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