Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Unit 5_Theories of Sleep and Theories_Tuesday

Understanding Sleep
November 21st
Introduction to Conciousness
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1. Journal - Reflection on this week. What do you need to do?
2. What is Consciousness? Page 5
         Ted Talk
                    Extra Video  Video Two And  Video Three-David Engleman

3. Types of Consciousness- Page 6 in packets
      * Meditation and Being Aware      * Pre-conscious   * Unconscious    * Altered States

2. Schoology Theories of Sleep Quiz

3. Unit Five_Video Three_Dream

4. Edpuzzle on Dreams - Due Tuesday
    Go to Edpuzzle.com Find my class - imiseaw
    You nee to watch the entire video and answer questions to get points.

5. Review Guide Unit 5 (Due Wednesday- NEW pink handout)

Next Week: 
Thursday you have a test over Unit 4 and 5!
Wednesday there will be a review session after school!

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