Thursday, November 9, 2017

Unit 4_Sensation_Theories of Vision_Thursday November 9th

Thursday, November 9th
Theories of Vision
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1. Understanding the Eye- Ted Talk

2. Questions- Video Three:
    A. Review Parts of the Eye/Green Worksheet/ Visual Process
    B.  Rod and Cones Activity
    C.   Blind Spot Activity

3.  Review Video Four -  Page 14
    A. Light Ted Talk
    B. Light spectrum, Wavelengths and Intensity
    C.Feature Detection and Parallel Processing,

5. Quiz: Visual Processing Practice #2

Homework For Friday
2. Vocabulary Note Cards  (Audition-Sensory Interaction)
3. Study for the Quiz Video 1-4
PRACTICE QUIZ  Introduction and Parts of the Eye #1
PRACTICE QUIZ Visual Processing Practice #2

**Ms. Gavin will be checking notes 1-6 for points. And the vision webquest in your packet page 14 (this was Monday night's homework) Not late notes will be accepted. Due on Friday. 

Weekend Homework: DUE MONDAY
Web Quest Link (Write your answer on page 18 and 19)
Video 7A- Smell and Taste 

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