Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Unit 4_Sensation_Finish Introduction Terms and Project Follow Up_Wednesday, November 8th

Wednesday, November 8th
Introduction Notes (1 and 2) and Structure of the Eye

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Task One: Page 9
   A. Signal Detection
   B. Selective Attention 
*Selective Attention *Change Blindness

Task Two: 
Questions on the Project

Task Three:
In class we discussed how to find the take home quiz, which is DUE tomorrow. It is on schoology. Go under Unit 4. There is a link to Introduction and Parts of the Eye Quiz on Schoology. If you are confused talk to someone in class.

2. Study for the Quiz on FRIDAY
3.Introduction and Parts of the Eye Quiz on Schoology
      Under Schoology please take the introduction quiz!

**Ms. Gavin will be checking notes 1-6 for points. Not late notes will be accepted. Due on Friday. 

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