Friday, November 17, 2017

Unit 4_Perception_Friday November 16

Friday, November 17th
Perceptual Concepts

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Hello class!
Hope you are doing well. I will be out to again today at a conference. You are responsible for completing a number of tasks before Monday.   The work is independent and you have A LOT to finish.  You have had 2 in-class days to complete, whatever you don't finish is due in class on MONDAY.  Everything is link and explained, so NO EXCEPTIONS. 

1. Videos:
Complete     Video 8 Gestalt Principles and Grouping
                     Video 9 Monocular and Binocular Cues 
                     Video 10 Constancy
                     Video 11 Perceptual Adaptation and ESP
These will be checked on on Monday while you are taking your quiz over this section. 

2. Handout:
Once you have completed your video notes. You need to complete the following handout, given by the sub. This connections with Question #4 on pink hand out. 
                          Describe general principles of organizing and integrating sensation to promote stable           
                          awareness of the external world (e.g., Gestalt principles, depth perception). 
This hand out will be due along with the pink Unit 4 Review guide on Monday the 20th. 

3. Crash Course - Last Page of the Yellow page
The crash course is also a section of the yellow hand out. You will complete page 6 and 7 of the handout with this clip. 

4. Practice Quizzes on Schoology
You have two practice quizzes to complete for Perception that are located on Schoology. They are labeled as the following. 
             Quiz #4- Gestalt Principles, Grouping, and Monocular/Binocular
                           (Reviews Videos 8 and 9)
              Quiz #5- Constancy, Perceptual Adaptation and ESP
                            (Reviews Video 10 and 11)

5. Review Guide for Sensation and Perception (pink)

Homework for Monday: 
1. Video 8-11
2. Handout (yellow guide) pages 1-7
3. Pink Unit 4 Handout
4. Practice Quizzes on Schoology (#5 and #6)
5. Quiz on Monday covering video 8-11

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