Friday, October 6, 2017

Unit 3_Infancy Notes

Friday, October 6th

Image result for what does apgar stand for

1. True and False Quiz 
      Check reading and video notes 1-3

2. Lecture on video 1-3
Review Prenatal Questions and page 12 in packet
                        Video - Apgar 

3. Fetus Drawing 9A

1. Video Four_Development_Cognitive/Piaget/Vygotsky

2. Note Cards
       You only need to complete (Developmental Psychology-Maturation)

3. Page 9A "Fetus Image"
      A. Sort the 8 terms on the bottom of the page
      B. Color symbols on the image that are biological and social. Biological images should be red  
                       and Social should be green. 

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