Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Unit 3_Development_Tuesday Oct. 10th_Piaget Review

Tuesday, October 10
Piaget, Kagen an Vygotsky
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1.  Review Prenatal
      A. Quiz from Friday (back of the multiple choice)
      B. Review Fetus

2. Piaget Application of Stages Review
(Mad Minute, Play Dough, Questions and Toys)

3. Piaget Lecture and Notes
    a. Review Piaget Stages on Page 11
    b. mnemonic device- some pigs can fly, otters eat canned apples
    c. Video of various Stages
    d. Worksheet practice items page 13.

Homework for Wednesday: 
Unit 3_Video Six_Attachment
Review Guide for Quiz on Thursday Video 1-6 (5 not included)

Homework for Thursday: 
Unit 3_Video Seven A_Biological Changes in Growth
Unit 3_Video Seven B_Gender Development 
Study for Quiz on Thursday

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