Friday, October 13, 2017

Unit 3_Development_Quiz and Reviewing Project

Unit 3 Development_Gender 
Friday, October 13
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1. Social impact on Development
    A. Strange Situation and Mary Ainworth

2. QUIZ  and Teacher will check in video 1-6 notes.

Students who were absent today (Friday, October 13): The quiz can be taken before or after school in the study hall. You have until Tuesday 11th period to make it up. If you need notes checked in, stop by before school on Wednesday morning.Also the worksheet handed out in class is linked to the blog. You will need to hand in the worksheet. 

Homework for Monday
1. Gender Research and Worksheet -
You only need to complete task 1-4 for Monday!  The links are listed below for the assignment.
                                Task 3- Link for Gender Identity
                                    Task 4- Link for Businesses: Aon      Bank of America  
                                    Task 5-Link for Gender Roles &Gender Typing in Toys

2. Video 9_Preview 

3. Video 9: Erik Erikson

Homework for Tuesday

Future Assignments
 4. Project Introduction- Due October 25th
        Description/Overview Handout

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