Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Unit 3_Development_Piaget, Vygotski, Kagen

Wednesday, October 11th
Piaget, Vygotsky and Rouge Test 

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1. Review Stages of Piaget 
    Page 13 in Packet
2. Review Assimilation and Accommodation
     a. Page 12
     b. Example and example two
     c. Piaget's Legacy

2. Review Jerome Kagen
     Rouge Test- Self Recognition

Homework for Thursday: 
Unit 3_Video Seven A_Biological Changes in Growth
Unit 3_Video Seven B_Gender Development 
Study for Quiz on Thursday

Homework for Friday 
1. Video 8 Adolescence (Only 2 minutes)
2. Note Cards (Jean Piaget- Menarche/Spermarche)

Homework for Monday
Gender Assignment
Video 9_Preview 
Video 9: Erik Erikson

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