Thursday, October 5, 2017

Unit 3_Development_Newborn_Science of Babies

October 5, 2017
Science of Babies 

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In class you completed the following guide while watching the following clips. If you were not here make sure you view and complete the guide.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Homework for Friday-
Unit 3_Video Three_ Infancy 
Finish the Guide from class

Homework for Tuesday:
Video Four_Development_Cognitive/Piaget/Vygotsky
Video Five_Autism  ***We will not go over this material in class yet***
Note Cards (Developmental Psychology-Maturation)

Test Corrections 
I will be available the following days for test corrections. They will be DUE on OCTOBER 12th. 
       October 6th- Friday morning 7:00-7:30 or Friday 2:30-3:00
       October 10th- Tuesday morning 7:00-7:30 or Tuesday 2:30-3:00
       October 11th - Wednesday morning 8:15-8:45 

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