Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Unit 3_Development_Erikson and Stages of Development

Tuesday, October 17th
Erik Erikson and Psychosocial Theory 

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Task One: Review gender video and share one thing you learned. Hand in homework. 

Task Two: Identifying the Stages 
1. Take several minutes and sort the stages. Match up the terms correctly. 
2. Review the stages as a class
3. Highlight the stages in notes

Task Two: Defining the Stages
1. Take several minutes and review the stage assigned to your group. Be able to share
     A. Age
     B. Crisis
     C. Strength
2. Share the various stages with your class

Task Three: Application 
Stop Watch
Take a look at the various cases and match it with the correct stage. Also include whether the individual is experiencing a crisis. Worksheet 

Homework for Wednesday
Unit 3_Developmental Psychology_Video 10 Kohlberg
Period 2

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