Monday, October 16, 2017

Unit 3_ Understanding Gender

Monday, October 16
Understanding Gender Development

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1. Review Information Regarding Quiz and Upcoming Quiz and Test
   *Make Up Quiz October 18th (Video 1-6)
    Quiz Friday October 20th (Video 7, 8, 9 and 10)
    Test Thursday October 26th

2. Review Termonology on Gender
    Video 7A and &B

3. Documentary (40 minutes)
  A. 2:30- 10:12 (8minutes)
  C. 27:04-40:40 (13 minutes)
  D. 58:45-1:00 (2 minutes)
 * E. 1:13-1:22 (11 minutes)
Homework for Tuesday
1. Finish Gender Worksheet Part Five- Video- Task Five 

2. Make sure video  Video 9_Preview  and  Video 9: Erik Erikson ARE COMPLETED!

3. Review the Eight stages of Erikson and Use this video to help- Memorizing Erikson's Stages of Development

4. Vocabulary (Social Learning- Lawrence Kohlberg)

Homework for Wednesday
Unit 3_Developmental Psychology_Video 10 Kohlberg
TV Show Character

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