Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Unit One_September 5th_ Research Methods_Correlation and Experimental Design

Tuesday, September 5th

                                                                Image result for survey images

1. Key People Review 
Take the next twelve minutes and complete the quiz on the key people. When you are done you can begin page
                 Period 3
                 Period 2
                 Period 1
2. Review Weekly Updates
- Pass Back Old Quizzes (Buzzword and Unit One Quiz)
-Make-Up Buzzword Quiz Wednesday after school 2:30
- Reminder that the Unit One Test is Friday
- Review session is Thursday after school 2:30-3:30

As a class we will review the importance of survey writing and why surveys are important. This is the document that was handed out in class. Survey Notes and Review Handout 

1. Make sure all notes from video 5- 8 are complete. 
2. Pink Review Guide Due Friday
3. Review Research Methods   Here is the worksheet from class: examples. 

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