Friday, September 1, 2017

Unit One_September 1st_ Research Methods_Survey and Correlation

Friday, SEPTEMBER 1st! 

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1.Methods of Research-
A. Take ten minutes to research your topic. Below are the links to the powerpoint from the class assignment.
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
B. Then you are required to teach each of the various methods to your group.

2. Naturalistic Observation : 
As a class we will review the Hawthorne Effect and the Stranger Paper.
      A. What is the Hawthorne Effect?
      B.  Stranger Paper

3. Key People Quiz
You have 13 minutes to complete the online quiz. We will finish it on Tuesday!

1. Video and Correlation Handout  

2. Video Lecture 8 (Use page 8 as a reference)  OR Page 37-46 in the textbook

3. Key People- We will finish the quiz in class on Tuesday!

4. Review Guide Due Wednesday

5. Stranger Paper Due September 11

6. Notecards- the remainder of the note cards are due Thursday.

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