Friday, September 22, 2017

Unit 2_Tools for Understanding the Brain

Friday, September 22nd
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1. Exploring the Importance of Brain Tools/Technology
          A.  Take 5 minutes and review page 21B in your packet. Match up the buzzwords with the                         correct scan.
          B. Review Notes on scans

          C.Scan Application  Understanding Brain Techniques Worksheet

2. Finish Looking at ALS and MS
Review homework from Tuesday on Page 16 C and 16 D.
   A .Understanding ALS- Mike Oyer Case Study(5 minutes)
   B. Understanding MS- Kayla Video  (20 minutes)

3. Sample Quiz 
Monday: Neural Communication, Neurotransmitters, Tools for Understanding the Brain and MS/ALS
                Neurotransmitters and Me completed

Homework for Monday
1. Ms. Gavin will be checking in Video Four, Video Five and Video Six- on Monday.
2. Study for Quiz: Sample Quiz handed out in class
3. Neurotransmitter and Me Assignment

Next week here are the upcoming assignments!
Homework Due Tuesday
 Video 7-Cortex
Homework Due Wednesday
  * Vocabulary Note Cards Lesions-Plasticity
   Video 8

TEST IS MONDAY- October 2nd

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