Thursday, September 21, 2017

Unit 2_Review Neurotransmitters and Understanding ALS and MS

Thursday, September 21st

ALS                                                                                                 MS
Image result for als                                   Image result for ms

1. Wrapping up Case Studies 
A.  A Day in the Life-Neurotransmitters  
B. When you are done you cane begin looking at your project.
         Neurotransmitter and Me (Look under schoology Unit 2 (hand out folder) - Due Monday

C. Check answers (questions) for case study

2. Looking at ALS and MS
Review homework from Tuesday on Page 16 C and 16 D.
  WATCHED the first 10 minutes- Understanding MS- Kayla Video  (20 minutes)

Homework Due Friday
1. Video Five or pages 69-71
Here is the youtube channel. YOU SHOULD ALSO HAVE VIDEO FOUR COMPLETE! 

Homework Due Monday SEPTEMBER 25
1. Video six 
2. Study for the Quiz
You will have a quiz on Monday on Neural Communication, Neurotransmitters, MS/ALS and tools.
3. Neurotransmitter and Me

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