Friday, September 29, 2017

Unit 2_Sept 29_ Brain Case Studies and Genetics, Evolutionary Psych and Behavior

Friday, September 29th
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1. Review the quiz from Thursday

2. Review Split Brain-Part One and Part Two
During class we reviewed notes from Video 8. We also saw clips helping to understand the various topics.

In class you will work on the brain case studies.  You should complete page 24A-24B in your packet.
What are you finish during the class will be taken for a grade. 

4. Genetics Review
You are responsible for understanding the content on Video 9. This will not be discussed in class this section is for independent review.  Interesting Video to Review 

Homework Monday:
* Pink Review Guide
* Note-Cards  Make sure you finish the last note cards. Total=73
Brain Case Studies

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