Thursday, September 14, 2017

Unit 2_Sept 13th_Neuron Creation

               Thursday, September 14th
Shorten Period
Period 1- 7:35-8:16
Period 2 --8:21-9:01 or 9:01-9:42
Period 3 9:47-10:28
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Task One Video and Notes on a Neuron
1. Open up your packets to page 14. Watch the following video clip. As you view the clip you should draw a neuron and label the parts.  The Neuron

Neuron Creation
      Assemble a neuron and for a participation grade, you must explain the structure and parts to Ms. Gavin when assembled (BEFORE YOU CAN EAT YOUR COOKIES).

Neuron Coloring
      While snacking on your cookies, color and label the structures on page 13. Use your book for another reference.

Hey Class so the video is a little choppy for video 2 there are two parts. Look at the links below and follow which times to watch.

1. Please watch  -Unit 2_Neural Communication- Title Your Notes Neural Communication

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