Monday, September 25, 2017

Unit 2_Quiz, Phineas Gage and Hindbrain

Monday, September 25th
Limbic System 

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1. Quiz 
Neural Communication
Tools for Understanding the Brain
* Students absent should make up the quiz by Wednesday September 27th

2. Phineas Gage
 In class we reviewed who Phineas Gage was and how he contributed to the field of Psychology. The following links will help!
   A. Video 
   B.  Phineas Gage 

3.  Review Parts of the Hindbrain and Limbic System
    A. Lecture      
    B. Brain Says

Homework Due Tuesday
1. Video 7 Cerebral Cortex

Homework Due Wednesday
1. Video 8  
2. Vocabulary Note Cards Lesions-Plasticity


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