Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Unit 2_Neurotransmitters

Wednesday, September 20

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1. Recap- Neural Communication- Questions

 2. Discuss Neurotransmitter
- Review Chart Assigned for Homework
- Case Study Assignment  Activity: A Day in the Life of a Psychologist.  Page 16 B in your packet 
- If you are absent take a look at these cases , write your answers on the following page in your packet.  A Day in the Life of a Psychologist.  Page 16 B in your packet .  

3. Neurotransmitter and Me (look under hand outs in schoology-unit 2)
   -Go under HAND OUTS- Neurotransmitter and Me document.
   - Ms. Gavin also has a hard copy.

Homework Due Thursday
1. Video Four Notes-Tools for Researching the Brain
2. PROMPT ON PAGE 16 C and 16 D. 
Also make sure this video was completed last night. Video on MS and ALS-Watch the short video on ALS and MS.
3. Neurotransmitter and Me Project  (DUE MONDAY)

Homework Due Friday
1. Video Five or pages 69-71

Homework Due Monday SEPTEMBER 25
1. Video six 
2. Study for the Quiz
3. Neurotransmitter and Me


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