Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Unit 2_Limbic System and Cortex

Tuesday, September 26
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1. Review Parts of the Hindbrain
    A.  Case 
    B. Current Event- Cerebellum

2. Limbic System
A. Notes
B. Brain Says

3. Review Parts of the Cortex
    *Motor Cortex
    *Somatosensory Cortex
    *Broca and Weirnicks 
    *Brain Profiles

Homework Due Wednesday
  1. Video 8
  2. Vocabulary Note Cards Lesions-Plasticity
  3. Review Guide- Due Monday

Homework for Thursday: 
1. Brain Profiles- (Brain Profile 1, Hindbrain 2, Limbic System 4, Cortex 5)
2. Study for Brain Quiz on Thursday. (The quiz will cover question 5-8 on the review guide)
3. Webquest Page 26-28
4. Review Guide (due Monday)

Review Session Friday 2:30-3:30


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