Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Unit 2_Brain Plasticity, Language, Brain Lateralization, Split Brain

Wednesday, September 27
Brain Plasticity, Language, Brain Lateralization, Split Brain 
Image result for right vs. left lateralization

1. Review Structures of the Brain: Hindbrain, Limbic System, Cortex
     Brain Says

2. Review Homework Expectations:
    Webquest Page 26-28 in White Brain Packet
     Study for the Quiz (Pink Review guide questions #5-8 will be on the quiz)

3. Review Language, Aphasia (Broca and Weirnicks ) and Brain Plasticity and Brain Lateralization

4. Split Brain Procedure- Webquest Page 26-28

Homework for Thursday: 

1. Study for Brain Quiz on Thursday. (The quiz will cover question #5-8 on the review guide)
2. Webquest Page 26-28 Here is the link to the webquest. Complete pages 26-28 in your white packet.
3. Review Guide (due Monday)

Homework for Friday: 
1, Note cards  Neurogenesis to Mutation
2. Video 9- Genetics and Evolution
You are responsible for understanding the content on Video 9. This will not be discussed in class this section is for independent review. 
3. Review Guide-Due Monday

Review Session Friday 2:30-3:30


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