Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 22__Unit 2_Endocrine, Nervous System and Neuron Review

Friday, September 15th

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Task One:  Review the Nervous System, Page 20 A and B 

Task Two: Parts of the Neuron
- Review structure of the Neuron- Page 13 in packet
-Review Sensory Neurons-Inter-neuron-Motor Neuron
Demo: Sensory, Motor and Interneurons 

Homework DUE MONDAY: 
                     1. Note cards
                       Note Cards (Biological psychologist --Antagonist)
                       These are the first 32 terms on the Quizlet. Make sure you are reviewing them.

                      2. Neural Communication
                     -Page 14 A in your
                       3. Study for Quiz. You will have a short quiz over the nervous system, endocrine
                       system, parts of the neuron and types of neurons for Monday.

                       4. Checking in Notes: Make sure you have the following notes done. 
                                 Nervous System
                                 Neural Communication 

                    1. Neurotransmitter Notes (page 57-58 textbook)
                          Take Notes on chart given in class Neural Transmitter Fill in the Blank Activity

Homework Due Wednesday

                     1. Neural Communication in Pictures Page 14D and 14C in your packet.

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