Tuesday, August 22, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 22_History in Psych/Key People

Tuesday, August 22

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1.Set Up Binder
Please review page 4 in your packet. (You need to have the cover, tabs and 6 clear slips with the units name on it completed).When you are finished please check in the binder with Ms. Gavin for 10 Points. You will have 10 minutes to complete.

  A. Cover: Course Title, Name, Teacher's Name, Room #152 F, Period
  B. Tabs: Take a look at page 4. Write it exactly as stated. Unit # and Title
  C. Clear Cover: You need to have 6 clear tabs to begin. Write the first six names and unit # on the clear cover.

2. Vocabulary Note Cards- (Number 1 "Psychology"- 21 "Human Factors" Due Wednesday)
Begin vocabulary note cards. Use Quizlet.  If you need to get 20 note cards grab them from class before you leave.
A. Side One: Neatly write the term in big letters.
B. Side Two: Definition, highlight key terms.

3. History Notes

1.Note Cards (Psychology-Human Factors)Use Quizlet. 

2. Key Figures Sort for Homework. It was handed out in class. You are matching the statements to the Key Figures.
* If Absent go under the Schoology you will find the hand out: Unit One Resources- KEY FIGURES Document

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