Friday, August 18, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 18_Careers in Psychology

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1. Research Individual Career

2. Career Speed Dating Activity 
(Review as a class the various careers in Psychology). These can be found on Pages 12 and 13 in your Book

3. Case Study Review
Various cases were reviewed in class to better understand the various careers in Psychology. Worksheet Attached

1.Complete the following Psychsim.
Complete the Worksheet that connects with the Psychsim. The worksheet is on page 9-11 in your white packet. Period 3- I forgot to give you the packet some complete this document. Make a copy. 

2. Video One or reading pages 1-7. (Unit One-Video One-History) 
*This video is long so skip 7:35-10:15.
Stop the video at 18:14

3. Binder will be due TUESDAY. Please bring to class TUESDAY!

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