Thursday, August 17, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 17_ What is AP Psychology?

                                    Day Two- What is AP and class expectations???
                                                     Thursday, August 17th

Today's Agenda
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1. Textbook Set Up (10 minutes)
A. VIDEO for Textbook Set Up
B. Online Textbook Setup 
C. Form
D. When you are done you can begin notes.

2. Review Understanding Psychology Worksheet (20 minutes)
 A. Introduce yourself
 B. Take turns pulling out a question and review the answers. Go in a circle allowing everyone to share their thoughts.
C. Teacher/Student Share Out

3. Syllabus Review: (10 minutes)
---Think and Read Syllabus
---Pair: What are three critical pieces you need to understand for this course. Think/Pair/Share
           : Expectation you expect from your (peers and teacher)

1. Unit One_ Video Two_ Careers in Psychology 
Or read page 12 and 13 in your textbook.

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