Wednesday, August 16, 2017

S1_Day_One_August 16_Welcome to AP PSYCH

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Welcome to AP PSYCHOLOGY! I am excited you are taking part of the journey this year! It will be a great year! I use blogger everyday to post the agenda for the day, assignments, videos and make class updates. It is a great tool, so please save it to your favorites today!

Today's Agenda
1. What's in the box?
2. Meet the Teacher- Who is Ms. Gavin?
3. Roster and Schoology/Blog
4. Discuss Homework With AP PSYCH COLLEGE Board
                            Class Hand Out-Introduction_AP PSYCH_College Board Worksheet
                            Link for Side One- Task One:Understanding an AP Course
                            Link for Side Two- Task Two: Understanding PSYCHOLOGY
5. Meet the class- Who are my classmates?

                A. Introduction Worksheet BOTH SIDES
                B. Read Over the Calendar (Handout)
                C. Look over needed materials below for Monday, August 21
Class Materials
A. 2 Inch 3 Ring Binder with clear cover
·         B. 13 Tabs
·        C.  Loose Leaf Paper
·        D.  Pen, Pencils, Highlighter
·        E. 3-Ring Notebook
·        F. Notecards

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