Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Unit 12_Quiz

Hi class, I am out again at West. You will complete the following.

1. Quiz on Unit 12. No notes allowed.

2. Folder- Pick up a folder with your Test and Review Materials.  Please watch the link to see what you need to complete. You may have to finish this at home. Complete the diagnostic sheet in class and reflection.

3. Case Study- The Case Studies will be due on Friday ( Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .) You will have Thursday to complete in class, however you might want to start it.

1. Review Test and this link 
2. Video Seven-Treatment Packet- Due Thursday. It is 30 minutes long. So start it tonight!
3. Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies . Due Friday.
4. Unit 12 Test is Friday
5. Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)
6.  Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

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