Thursday, April 20, 2017

Unit 12_Case Studies

Hey AP Psych Students,

Yes I am once again at West. I will be back in the building at 12:30 if you need me. You have a list of tasks to complete. If you need an extra handout please ask the sub.
     1.      Case Studies due tomorrow. NO EXCUSES. There are 28 cases to read through and analyze.
         Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .
     2.      Complete your Unit 12 note cards due tomorrow. NO EXCUSES.
          Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .
     3.      Complete Unit 12-  Video Seven--. THIS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED BEFORE THE TEST. So make sure you look over it!

     4. I  will collect all work tomorrow and NO late work will be accepted.
a.       Unit 12 Notes

c. Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)

Homework: All Material for this unit will be collected tomorrow and you have a test. Good Luck!

Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

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