Monday, April 17, 2017

Unit 12_Anxiety

Hello Class! I am out today at West for an all day meeting. You will be reviewing the various Anxiety, Traumatic and Obsessive Disorders. You should complete the packet. First you will review the disorders in a short reading and then you will watch two case studies on the disorder. Make sure you stay on track so you can watch the two videos, they are very interesting!

Packet for Class 

1. Read the following article on Anxiety Disorders, Traumatic Disorders and Obsessive Disorders and answer the following questions.
2. Watch the following Case Studies and Answer the questions in the Packet
          Case One. Howie Mandel
          Case Two: 60 Minutes and PTSD
3. Lastly, you will complete a sort. I will check this packet in on Wednesday.

Homework -

1. Tshirt form DUE TUESDAY- Dark Gray
2. Packet for Class 
3. You will have a quiz Tuesday over videos 1-6 in Unit 12.
4. Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)
5.  Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

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