Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Practice Exam

Today in class you will be taking a practice exam. This will occur during period 1-3 in the North Gym. Please bring your permission slip.

Homework and Pacing Guide:

1. Personality Reading should be completed for tomorrow

2. Personality Video Four  should be completed for tomorrow

3. Video 5 Somatofom and Dissociative Notes should be completed for tomorrow

4. Tshirt form DUE TUESDAY

5. Video 6 Anxiety - COMPLETED FOR MONDAY

6. You will have a quiz Tuesday over videos 1-6 in Unit 12.  Please be prepared with notes.

7. Notecards will be due next Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)

8.  Link to Quizlet for review

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