Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unit 8_Day 2_Review History and Theories

1. Review Historical vs. Contemporary Views of Intelligence- Blue worksheet from class.

2. Notes on Who is Who in Intelligence Testing?
Alfred Binet
Theodore Simon
Lewis Terman
David Wechsler

William Stern

3. Quiz Vocabulary Part One

I will collect all homework in class tomorrow. 
1. Emotional Intelligence Reflection- PRINTED Out 

2. Yellow Worksheet on Multiple Intelligence      
       A. Take the following survey on -Intelligence Test Link- Write down your scores on Part 2
       B. Look at Part Four on the yellow worksheet and complete the questions.
       C. In part 5 answer the following questions that connect to the video. 
1. Explain three interesting statements from Smartville.
2. Do you support the Smartville school/program? Why or why not?
3. Do you think that teachers should be required to teach using the various types of intelligence? Why or why not?
4. Think about the past week, describe at least three ways you have learned using the various intelligences. Describe the intelligence and how you used it. Which intelligence did you use the most? Did this help you learn the content? 
5. If schools recognize multiple intelligence, how might the following activities be revised?
        a. Activities in the Classroom
        b. Classroom assignments
        C. Graduation requirements
6. Additional thoughts?!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Unit 8_Day 3_Assessment and IQ_Multiple Intelligence Monday

1. Part One on the handout- Review Traditional vs. Contemporary
     Review the Historical vs. Contemporary Approach to Intelligence
          A. Charles Spearman
          B. L.L. Thurstone
          C. Howard Gardner
          D. Robert Sternberg
          E. Daniel Goleman

2. Emotional Intelligent - QUIZ

1. Video Three (Due Thursday)- Update
2. Vocabulary Part One Quiz
3. Emotional Intelligence Assignment Due Wednesday
4. Part Two: Multiple Intelligence Review - Chart
    Watch the short video. Briefly explain the various Intelligence's. Then create a buzzword for each. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Unit 8_IQ Day One

***Extra Credit Opportunity   Movie Night   Preview 

1. Test Corrections-Take Home

2.  What is IQ? Page 35 in Packet.
         A. What is IQ?- Discussion
         B. Article
         C. 3 Big Ideas
         D. History vs Intelligent-36

3. Emotional Intelligence Assignment: -Due Tuesday
In class you will recieve this short handout. You need to have a short reflection completed on Tuesday. They will be collected and I will not allow late work. 

1. What are strong qualities of Emotional Intelligence?
2. Select a person in your life today that you believe holds a superior emotional intelligence. 
3. Tell me a little bit about this person and how they have influenced you!
4. Explain why you believe this person has a strong Emotional Intelligence. 
5.Include examples of how you believe they are self-awareness, manage their emotions well, empathy and relationships.
6. Include a Picture.

6. Must be typed/hand written and due:____________________

1. Emotional Intelligence:Assignment Due Tuesday
2. Quiz on Part One Vocabulary
3. Test Corrections Due Monday

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Unit 7_Clean Up_Unit 8_ Clean Up

1. Reviewing FRQ Writing  Questions on the Project

A. Grade Examples
SURVEY Period 1
Survey Period 2
Survey Period 3
B. Test Example

2. Grade each others projects

3. Test Corrections- 1/2 point back

4. Grade Check and Binder organization

A. Updated Calendar
B. Video Two
C. I will be grading projects over the weekend. Please make sure they are done.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Unit 7_Schedule of reinforcement review

1. Khan Academy and Completing Page 25
     *Practice Page 26 

2. Give back Classical Conditioning take home.

* For anyone who has to finish any portion of the Vocabulary Quiz from Monday you musts complete during period 0- Wednesday, January 25. 

1.Quiz on Wednesday (will be taken as a test grade).
    Here is a quizlet to study from.

2. Note Cards Part 4 and 5

3. Packet Complete Pages 17, 18, 19, 25, 29, 22

4. Review Guide

5. Project Due Thursday- Change Date

Monday, January 23, 2017

Unit 7_Operant Conditioning Day Two_ Applying Positive and Negative Punishment and Reinforcement

1. Quiz on Part Five 


3. Review FRQ Examples and Project Examples 

4. Group Activity----Complete Page 20-21

5. Review Project

6. Video Clip

1. Project- Powerpoint

2. Gold FRQ Sheet

3. Note cards- Wednesday

Friday, January 20, 2017

Unit 7_Operant Conditioning_Friday

1. Quiz on Vocabulary- Part Four

2. Review Classical Conditioning Quiz from Wednesday
           - Discuss Take Home Quiz- Due Monday

3. Finish Chart on Reinforcement and Punishment- Page 25

4.  Examples (10 minutes) Page 22

5. Project on Operant Conditioning

1. Project-Check in your shared folder titled Operant Conditioning. Follow my example which I linked below. It should be close to done, but we will review them on MONDAY.

2. Vocabulary Terms Part 5- Quiz Monday 

3. Practice Take home quiz. DUE MONDAY. NO LATE WORK
     *Take a look at the formula under the yoga example and the child at the doctors, second and third          example. The formula is supposed to  read:
         UCS                        CS
         UCR   (not UCS)    CR
       *Number 10 change the question. A child's learned fear at the sight of the doctor is

Upcoming Assignments for this week:
Quiz on Operant and Classical (Taken as a Test Grade will be WEDNESDAY)
Notecards Due 4 and 5 DUE Wednesday

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unit 7_ Operant Conditioning_Day One

–What is shaping?
–How does shaping work?
–Give an example from the video on shaping.
–What does society use to help shape behaviors? (hint what are reinforcers)?

2. Class Demo
3. Shaping Behavior 
4. Where did the principles of Operant Conditioning Begin?
Edward Thorndike
B.F. Skinner
5. Chart for Conditioning

Homework: **Updated from calendar***
1. Webquest and Packet Page 17, 18 and 19- Due Friday
2. Vocabulary Quiz on Part 4- Friday***

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Unit 7_ Classical Conditioning Quiz

Image result for classical conditioning cartoon

1. Review Page 8 in class

2. "Catch Up"
Period 1- All caught up
Period 2- Review FRQ Writing and Generalization
Period 3- Review Learned Helplessness

3. Classical Conditioning Quiz

4. Video Four- 13 minutes- End 

Homework: UPDATED from Calendar
1. Your only homework is to complete video Four Notes. Yes they are long, but you were supposed to start them on Tuesday night....Video Four- 13 minutes- End 

Updated DUE Friday:
1. Vocabulary Quiz Part 4- Changed to Friday 1/20
2. Webquest and Packet Page 17, 18 and 19- Due Friday

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Unit 7_Learned Helplessness and Classical Conditioning

1. Practice FRQ Writing

2. Review Little Albert Activity

3. Learned Helplessness
     Activity and Video and Group Questions
     Additional Video on Learned Helplessness 

4. Review Page 15, Complete Page 11 and 12


1. Watch the video up to 13 minutes  Video Four: Operant Conditioning 
2. Study for Classical Conditioning
Extra Videos we didn't get to view!
Classical Conditioning and the media-
           Classical Conditioning in TV
            Student Example

Friday, January 13, 2017

Unit 7_Classical Conditioning_Little Albert and Taste Aversion

1. Review Part Two: Classical Conditioning Quiz, Take Part Three Quiz

2. Review Classical Conditioning Page 13

3. Review Vocabulary

Classical Conditioning Song

1. Review Classical Conditioning- Page  15 and 28
2. Who is Little Albert Reading and 1/2 sheet of paper questionaire- Hand out from Friday
3. Notecards Part 1- 3 Due Tuesday
4. Review for Quiz on Classical Conditioning for Wednesday

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Unit 7_Review Social Learning_Wednesday

1. Review Vocabulary Terms from Tuesday's Quiz
Cognitive Map, Latent Learning, Insight, Intrinsic, extrinsic, Biofeedback

2.   Review Page 4 in packet. If absent- Complete

 3. Review Vocabulary- Observational Learning, Modeling, Mirror Neurons, Prosocial, Antisocial
        Behavior, Albert Bandura
          Mirror Neurons
4. Review Page 6 in packet

Part Two Vocabulary

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unit 7_Day 2_Classical Conditioning_January 10th

1. Quiz on Part One: Observational Learning

2. Today in class I will be out. I will be discussing AP Psychology to current juniors. You have the opportunity to get caught up!!!! The following 2 tasks are to be completed for Wednesday January 11th.

                          Step One: Complete the webquest on Classical Conditioing- Page 7-9 in your note                                packet!!

                          Step Two: Make sure notes on Video Two: Classical Conditioning
1. Finish Step One and Step Two      

Extra Video for class
Discuss Observational Learning and Notes

Monday, January 9, 2017

Unit 7_Day 1_Observational Learning_Monday January 9th

Welcome Back!  6 more units and counting!

1. Introduction-
Youtube Channel.
Roster and Seats.
Vocabulary List.

2. Round Table Discussions

1. Review Set of Vocabulary
             Looking at the two current issues and respond to the following questions.
            Topic One: TV and Violence 
            Topic Two: Domestic Violence Article One   and Article Two 

            1. Give a brief description of the issue that you selected.
            2. Describe the evidence that supports the connection between social learning and the topic.
            3. Do you believe their is a strong connection between the topic and social learning?
            4. Explain what you believe is interesting about the topic.
            5. What are two things you believe is important for the public to know about this issue?