Monday, April 24, 2017

Final Week Make Sure You Review

Tuesday and Wednesday - 100 Question Practice Test 
                                                  It will be taken as your final grade!

Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Unit 12_Case Studies

Hey AP Psych Students,

Yes I am once again at West. I will be back in the building at 12:30 if you need me. You have a list of tasks to complete. If you need an extra handout please ask the sub.
     1.      Case Studies due tomorrow. NO EXCUSES. There are 28 cases to read through and analyze.
         Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .
     2.      Complete your Unit 12 note cards due tomorrow. NO EXCUSES.
          Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .
     3.      Complete Unit 12-  Video Seven--. THIS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED BEFORE THE TEST. So make sure you look over it!

     4. I  will collect all work tomorrow and NO late work will be accepted.
a.       Unit 12 Notes

c. Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)

Homework: All Material for this unit will be collected tomorrow and you have a test. Good Luck!

Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Unit 12_ Therapy Review

Image result for 8 day countdown

1. Review Unit 12 Quiz and Questions
    * Go through answers
    * Students absent on Tuesday must make up the quiz by Thursday.

2. T-shirt Orders due!

3. Questions on the analysis  this link --- turn in goal sheet
     *Pass Out Materials
     *Review Books
4. Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies . Due Friday.

5. Questions on Video 7
     * I will NOT be teaching this unit, so take notes. Review the notes! Review the Vocabulary and             use the reading guide to help you. Again, this will NOT be reviewed but 20 questions are on               your Unit 12 test 

6. Collect Half Sheets

Test on Unit 12 including Video Seven--
Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)
Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .

Tuesday, April 24th 

Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Unit 12_Quiz

Hi class, I am out again at West. You will complete the following.

1. Quiz on Unit 12. No notes allowed.

2. Folder- Pick up a folder with your Test and Review Materials.  Please watch the link to see what you need to complete. You may have to finish this at home. Complete the diagnostic sheet in class and reflection.

3. Case Study- The Case Studies will be due on Friday ( Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies .) You will have Thursday to complete in class, however you might want to start it.

1. Review Test and this link 
2. Video Seven-Treatment Packet- Due Thursday. It is 30 minutes long. So start it tonight!
3. Document for Case Studies  and Case Studies . Due Friday.
4. Unit 12 Test is Friday
5. Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)
6.  Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

Monday, April 17, 2017

Unit 12_Anxiety

Hello Class! I am out today at West for an all day meeting. You will be reviewing the various Anxiety, Traumatic and Obsessive Disorders. You should complete the packet. First you will review the disorders in a short reading and then you will watch two case studies on the disorder. Make sure you stay on track so you can watch the two videos, they are very interesting!

Packet for Class 

1. Read the following article on Anxiety Disorders, Traumatic Disorders and Obsessive Disorders and answer the following questions.
2. Watch the following Case Studies and Answer the questions in the Packet
          Case One. Howie Mandel
          Case Two: 60 Minutes and PTSD
3. Lastly, you will complete a sort. I will check this packet in on Wednesday.

Homework -

1. Tshirt form DUE TUESDAY- Dark Gray
2. Packet for Class 
3. You will have a quiz Tuesday over videos 1-6 in Unit 12.
4. Notecards will be due Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)
5.  Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Unit 12_ Dissociate Disorder and Personality Disorder and Somatoform

If you missed class on Thursday, here is what we covered.

1. Review Somatoform Reading
2. Review Dissociative Disorders
3. Video One: CBS Morning News

Homework and Pacing Guide:

1. Tshirt form DUE TUESDAY- Dark Gray

2. Video 6 Anxiety - COMPLETED FOR MONDAY

3. You will have a quiz Tuesday over videos 1-6 in Unit 12.  Please be prepared with notes.

4. Notecards will be due next Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)

5.  Link to Quizlet for review for AP TEST

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Practice Exam

Today in class you will be taking a practice exam. This will occur during period 1-3 in the North Gym. Please bring your permission slip.

Homework and Pacing Guide:

1. Personality Reading should be completed for tomorrow

2. Personality Video Four  should be completed for tomorrow

3. Video 5 Somatofom and Dissociative Notes should be completed for tomorrow

4. Tshirt form DUE TUESDAY

5. Video 6 Anxiety - COMPLETED FOR MONDAY

6. You will have a quiz Tuesday over videos 1-6 in Unit 12.  Please be prepared with notes.

7. Notecards will be due next Friday. Part One (39 words)  and Part Two (35 terms)

8.  Link to Quizlet for review

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Unit 12_Personality Disorder

Remember tomorrow you have your practice exam. It begins at 8:45 in the North Gym. Please bring your permission slip.

1. Kahoot for Schizophrenia

2. Video on Schizophrenia

3. Case Studies reading on Personality Disorders.

1. . Video 5 Somatofom and Dissociative Notes -Thursday
2. Video 6 Anxiety Page 6-9 in the Packet (Due Monday)
3. Personality reading - Due Thursday
4. Parent Permission Slip and Practice Exam- Due Tomorrow

Extra Links that were interesting 
Antisocial and Psychopathology 
History of Narcissism

Monday, April 10, 2017

Unit 12_Schizophrenia

1. Depression Reading
2. Self-Check and Questions
3. Wrap around

1. Overview of Schizophrenia ---What is schizophrenia? 
    A. Description, Signs and Symptoms (positive and negative), Causes
2. Schizophrenia Interaction 
3. Girl with Schizophrenia - Documentary

A. Video 5 Somatofom and Dissociative Notes
b. Schizophrenia Reading
c. Quiz on DSM 5, Medical Model, Major Depression, Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders- next Tuesday
d. Reading on Schizophrenia


Friday, April 7, 2017

Unit 12_Major Depression and Bipolar

1. Reviewed the DSM 5 and Deviant, Distress and Dsyfunction

2. Depression-
     1. Video Clip- Path Two  Depression Video
     2. Notes and symptoms
     3. Depression (thinking and share out)
     4. Advice Article 
     5.  Depressed State  and Depressing Job

2. Bipolar
   1. Notes and Symptoms
   2. Video- Demi Lovotto

A. Reading  on depression due Monday
B. Video 4 Personality (Will be due Tuesday)

Upcoming Information
1. Quiz on the Medical Model, Major Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders Thursday
2. This is a list of the following videos that should already be completed.
         Video 2  Mood Disorder Notes
          Video 3 Schizophrenia


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Unit 12_DSM Review and Diagnosis

          1. History
          2. Criteria for Diagnosing: Deviant, Distress, Dysfunctional
                      Defining Deviant, Distress and Dysfunction
                      Case Study-
                    - Packet page 7 and 8
          3. DSM-5 (Additional Hand Out)
                    - Homework from Tuesday      
          4.Pros and Cons with Labeling

Schizophrenia Reading  Video

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Unit 12_ Abnormal Psychology

1. Intro to Mental Illness-Handout

    A. When you hear the word mentally ill, what comes to mind?
    B. Stigma of Mentally ill
    C. Criteria for Diagnosing Mental Illness- (Deviant, Distressful, Dysfunctional)
    D. DSM-5
    E. Labeling

2. Review Social Psychology- Unit 11


1. Video One: DSM-5 Intro to Psychology
2. Video Two- Video Two- DSM-5
3. Article-  Link the Organization of the DSM

All other lectures for this unit can be found on my Youtube Chanel 
Study Materials:   Link to Quizlet

Monday, April 3, 2017

Review Material

                                                       Welcome Back and the Count Down Begins 

Image result for psychology ap psychology exam
1. Kahoot_ AP Psychology Review

2.  Link to Quizlet
3. New Calendar and Week Expectations

4. Link to College Board Overview 
College Link
5. Test Corrections


                        Video One  and Video Three  or Reading for Spring Break 

Due Tuesday: Mood Disorder Video 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Unit 11_ Test_Social Psychology_Friday

1. Review Video Four_Social Relations
         12 Minutes By-standard Effect- Diffusion of responsibility
         12-minutes Love- Relationships

2. 25 minutes- Quiz on Social Psychology

3.5 minutes Review Homework

Homework OVER BREAK 

Spring Break homework is to read the following passage and take notes in the packet. I also plugged in two videos you can view instead of reading. They contain the same content.
                      1 Due Monday.
                        Video One  and Video Three  or Reading for Spring Break 
                     2. You should also be reviewing for the AP exam. Here is the AP College Board Website

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Unit 11_Social Psychology_Social Relations

1. Watch the ABC updated documentary.
                Stanford and Milgram
2. Review Quiz Part Three and Four

3. Part Two Review

       A. Group Polarization

       B. Social Loafing  Video

       C. Group Think

       D.Group Facilitation

       E. Social Loafing

       D. Deindividuation

       F. Conformity Video Clip
4. If we get to Video 4.

1. Review for Quiz
2. Note cards

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Unit 11_Social Psychology_ Social Thinking_Wednesday

1 Review the Summary of the Milgram Experiment and Stanford Experiment: Worksheet in Packet- Due Tuesday

2. Watch the ABC updated documentary.

3. Part Two Quiz


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Unit 11_ Social Psychology_Stanford Prison and Milgram Experiment

Period 3 does not have class on Tuesday. Students should still complete the homework assignments from Monday and Tuesday night. It is all listed below.

Period 1 and 2
1. Recap Asch Experiment- 2 Student Examples

2 Review the Summary of the Milgram Experiment and Stanford Experiment: Worksheet in Packet- Due Tuesday

3. Watch the ABC updated documentary.

1. Summarize the Milgram Experiment and Stanford Experiment: Worksheet in Packet
2. Video 4- Due Wednesday 
3. Part Two and Three Vocabulary Wednesday 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Unit 11_Social Psychology_Asch Experiment_Monday

Image result for asch experiment

A. Quiz Part One

B. Asch-Conformity Experiment  

Summarize the following research experiment. Complete the worksheet in your packet TITLED ASCH Experiment. (If you do not have your packet please describe the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN for the study

C. Class Demo of Asch Experiment

1. Summarize the Milgram Experiment and Stanford Experiment: Worksheet in Packet- Due Tuesday

2. Video 4- Due Wednesday 

3. Part Two and Three_Vocabulary Wednesday

Friday, March 17, 2017

Unit 11_Social Psychology_Day 2

A. Review Attribution Theory Example with Katie

B. Finish Notes on Video One
         1. Attitudes

         2. Central Route vs. Peripheral Route
                            Ad One    Ad Two     Central vs. Peripheral 2:20
         3. Foot in the Door and Door in the Face     Example 
         4. Social Roles and Social Norms                 Example 
         5. Cognitive Dissonance                               Example

1. Unit 11_Video Three_Social Relations
2. Summarize the following research experiment. Complete the worksheet in your packet TITLED ASCH Experiment. (If you do not have your packet please describe the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN for the study)   Asch Experiment Research-
3.Quiz Part One and Two Monday
4. Independent Review- Cognitive Dissonance

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unit 11_Social Psychology_Day One

1. Social Psychology Overview- What impacts our decisions?

2. Highway Man Story

3. Lecture and Examples from Video One 
         A. Situational vs. Dispositional vs. Fundamental Attribution Error
                          Why they don't Leave? 


Unit 11_Social Psychology_Video Two

Quiz Part One- Friday

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Unit 10_Test Corrections

Today in class you will be working on test corrections. If  you have not completed the test please tell the sub so you can go to study hall to start the tests. They are due Thursday March 16th at 3:30 NO EXCUSES.

Read the directions below to understand your score on test corrections and how to complete them.

1. You have two scores for test corrections. Front is you midterm score and the back is the score for unit 10. You can use the same sheet. However use different sides for each test. Make sure you title them. For example side one is for the Midterm and side two is for Unit 10.

2. Test CANNOT leave the room.

3. You may not have your phones out while they are working on test corrections.

4. You also CANNOT talk during this time.

5. When you are finished you can complete Video One: Social Psych for tomorrow.

1. Video One: Social Psych- Completed, no excuses. Possible open note quiz.
2. You can work on Test Corrections the following times;
                   Thursday, March 16th 152 B at 2:30-3:30
                   Friday, March 17th  152 F at 7:00-7:30

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Unit 10 Test and Midterm

Test Today on Unit 10 and Midterm 

No late work will be accepted after today for Unit 10. You must have
1.. Your video notes 1-5
2. Pink Review Guide
3. Note Cards
4. Defense Mechanism Worksheet
5. Worksheets on each approach. Gold, White and blue.
6. Page 21 and 22 in your packet.

If you were absent today, the only time I will check in your work is FRIDAY morning at 7 am-7:20 am. I will not check it in BEFORE CLASS, DURING CLASS, or AFTER CLASS. This is your responsibility. 

Unit 11: Video One - Due Thursday!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Unit 10_Social Cognitive, Trait and Humanistic Review

You will have your Unit 10 test tomorrow. It will incorporate test questions from Units 1-9.  Please complete the study guide.

Word Sort 

Humanistic Review-
 Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow  Blue worksheet from Thursday.
Trait Perspective 

Social Cognitive Activity
             Part One: Social Cognitive Perspective _Page 37 in Packet
             Part Two: Social Cognitive Perspective _Video
             Part Three- Case Scenarios on Worksheet
             Part Four: External vs. Internal Locus Control
                            A. Reading
                           B. Internal vs. External Locus Control Quiz

No late work will be accepted after tomorrow for Unit 10. You must have

1.. Your video notes 1-5
2. Pink Review Guide
3. Note Cards
4. Defense Mechanism Worksheet
5. Worksheets on each approach. Gold, White and blue.
6. Page 21 and 22 in your packet.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Unit 10_Trait Approach_Friday

Class- Please make sure you take this day to catch up. Yesterday you had video 4 to complete, the blue worksheet and pages 5-7 in the white packet. This should be done. Today in class you will be completing video 4 and the white worksheet. It is due Monday. Also take a look at the weekend homework.There is a lot of work to complete. Please use your time wisely. We have a test next Tuesday.

Friday Class Assignment: 
1. Finishing Video 4.
2. Complete the worksheet using the following links.
     a. Part One: Research the Trait Approach

1. Finish the tasks from class
2. Video Five
3. Study Part 3-4 Vocabulary
4. Midterm Review Guide- Due Tuesday
***Tuesday you have a 65 question test. This test will include terms from Unit 1-10. Begin to study***

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Unit 10_Personality_Humanistic Review and Trait Perspective

1. Grading FRQ's 

2. Review Adler, Horney, Carl Jung and Erikson

3. Testing the Unconscious and Projective Test 

    A. Thematic Apperception Test
    B. Rorschach Inkblot Test 
Image result for projective tests

4. Humanistic Notes and Review

1. Finish Blue Hand Out from today. Please use these two links.
Maslow Review
Carl Rogers Review

2. Video Four - The video is long some complete the first 12 minutes.

3. Defense Mechanism in the white packet page 5-7

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Unit 10_Personality_ Neo-Freudians

Image result for neo freudians

1. Quiz Part Two

2. Review Page 4 on Defense Mechanism

3. Neo-Freudians - Review Tuesday Night's Homework

4. Humanistic Approach worksheet

1. Video Three 
2. Page 8 and 9 in the white packet
3. Part Three: Vocabulary --- Moved to Monday


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Unit 10_Personality_ Defense Mechanisms

1. Review the ID/EGO/SUPEREGO

2. Review Freud and Psychosexual Stages
      A. Review with Notes
      B. Game
      C. Questions

3. Defense Mechanisms Review- Lecture 
      A. Review
      B. Page 4
      C. Creating Personal Examples and Symbol

     A Complete Page 4 in the packet
     B. Neo-Freudian Assignment 
    C. Vocabulary Quiz Part Two

Friday, March 3, 2017


Image result for id ego superego

1. Quiz Part One 

2. Review Freud

3. ID/EGO/SUPEREGO Review and Game

4. Psychosexual Stages Review and Game- 7-10 in Packet

5. Defense Mechanisms Activity and Review
                 A.   Fold up a sheet of computer paper into 8 boxes.
                 B.   For each defense Mechanism complete the following.

Helpful links: Defense Mechanism One
                        Defense Mechanism Two


   1 Make sure you can define each defense mechanism (regression, denial, sublimation,                           repression, reaction formation, projection, displacement and rationalization)  Review the
      Defense Mechanism

   2. Page 2 and 3 in the packet- Hand Out


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Unit 10_Personality

1. Review Quote and talk about Psychoanalysis

2. Vocabulary Review- ID/EGO/Superego

3.  Notes on  -Freud's Theory of Personality

4.  Freudian slips  Video   Video 

1. Vocabulary List - Part One is Friday

2. Reading in the packet and guide page 7-10

3. The following video is helpful with the Psychosexual stages.
            B. Make sure you can define and explain each of the psychosexual stages.   Review 
                 Psychosexual Stages of Development 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Unit 9_FRQ_Wednesday

                                                  Image result for frq image

Today in class we wrote the FRQ. Please make sure you make up the FRQ if you were absent by Friday, March 3rd. After this date it will be a zero in the grade book. In class we will be grading the FRQ on Tuesday. 

1. FRQ Writing

2. Test Corrections
Calling all test correctors! If you are interested in test corrections I will be available on the following days. 
Thursday, March 2nd before school 7:00-7:30 Room 152 F
Thursday, March 2nd after school 2:30-4:00 Room 152 B. 
Friday, March 3rd before school 7:00-7:30 Room 152 F. 
Friday, March 3rd after school 2:30-3:00 Room 152 B
Homework Wednesday night:  
1.Video One Personality DUE TOMORROW!
2. Vocabulary List - Part One Quiz on Friday

Looking Ahead: Thursday Night's Homework: 
1. Review the Defense Mechanism
2. Review Psychosexual Stages of Development 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Unit 9_Test Corrections and FRQ Review

1. FRQ Practice and Review
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3

2. Test Corrections

1. Review Theories of MOTIVATION and EMOTION, Parasympathetic and Autonomic Nervous System, mnemonic device, spacing effect. You will be allowed ONE index card, both sides can be hand written to use for this FRQ test. 

2. The Video One for Unit 10 is long. So I suggest you break it apart into three days 
                 Video One Personality

Monday- 0-10 minutes
Tuesday 10-20 minutes
Wednesday 20-28 minutes
 It will be due on Thursday and I will be checking it in. 
3. Vocabulary List 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Unit 9 Test


1. Take Home Practice- White Sheet
2. Looking Inside One's Emotions- Green Worksheet
3. Review Guide
4. Note Cards
5. Page 20 in your packet

The Video One for Unit 10 is long. So I suggst you break it apart into three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  Night). It will be due on Thursday.
Video One Personality 0-10 Minutes

Friday, February 24, 2017

Unit 9_Review for Test

1. Review Old Motivation Quiz

2. Review Scenarios/Self Grade- Give Student One to go over the answers

3. FRQ Practice
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3

4. Kahoot

Image result for ap psychology stress meme
Remember Monday is a Test. The following Materials are DUE. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LATE WORK! IF YOU FORGET IT AT HOME, YOU WILL NOT GET POINTS.
 Multiple Choice is Monday
 The FRQ will be Wednesday! We will review it in class on Tuesday!

Checking on Monday-
1. Take Home Practice- White Sheet
2. Looking Inside One's Emotions- Green Worksheet
3. Review Guide
4. Note Cards
5. Page 20 in your packet

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Unit 9_Emotional Therapy_ Understanding and Interpreting Emotion

This is a reminder NO LATE WORK!

1. Theories Review- Handout Page 19

2. Therapy Session on different components from Video 5, 6, 7 and Stress  notes
In class you will be using the Notes for Video 5-6-7 and completing a therapy session. It should take the majority of the period. Please complete the profile

1. Review Guide Due MONDAY (no late work)

2. Worksheet  From Class (Green)- Define Emotional Concepts and Apply 

3. Finish the Scenarios- Will be taken as a quiz grade  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Unit 9_Emotional Theories

1. Vocabulary Quiz

2.Review Reading of Extension

1. Video Three: Stress
2. Test on MONDAY- Date Change

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Unit 9_Motivation and Emotion_Emotional Theories

1. QUIZ Terms 3 and 4 

2. Drive- James Lange
3. Finishing the Emotions Diagram- 3 Tri-Fold Started on Thursday

4.  Review Theories as a Class and Explain Extension Theories

5. Review as a class with Skits and Application
 Application----     Full house
     A.Drive- James Lange
           Toy Story 
     B. Demo- Cannon Bard
     C.  Clueless Schacter-Two Factor


1. Study Guide - Test Friday 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Unit 9_Emotions Webquest Friday

Hello Class,
Today I am at a conference so you have two things to work on! And plenty of time to do homework! If you FORGOT to make up the Quiz from TUESDAY, it is in the study hall and needs to be completed by the end of the day!

1. Webquest on Page 20- First 30 minutes QUIETLY and INDEPENDENTLY complete

2. Document_ Understand 6 Primary Emotions. It was shared with you in your drive. It is Titled Unit 9_Emotions Chart_AP Psychology. I explained the project yesterday. It is due on TUESDAY!

You do have a long weekend but a lot to get finished.
1. Webquest page 20 (hopefully completed in class)
2. Understanding 6 Primary Emotions- (hopefully completed in class)
3. You should have video 5 and Video 6/7 
           Vocabulary Part Three and Four Quiz on Tuesday
5. The Review Guide for Unit 9 Test was handed out in class. This is DUE next FRIDAY. Your Test is NEXT Friday on Unit 9.

Good Luck and have fun!

Image result for emotions

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unit 9_Emotion_Theories

Image result for universal emotions
1. Think about a T-shirt for AP Psychology T-shirt

2. Review Valentines Day

3. Stack of emotions (acting out)
       Why are emotions important?

4. Breaking Down the Theories- Handout, Paper and Markers

Homework for Thursday:

1. This video is REALLY long. Complete up to 14 minutes Video Six and Seven, the remainder of the video will be due on Tuesday.

2. Finish Images and Chart

3. Vocabulary Part Three and Four Quiz on Tuesday