Friday, September 22, 2017

Unit 2_Tools for Understanding the Brain

Friday, September 22nd
Image result for hindbrain
1. Exploring the Importance of Brain Tools/Technology
          A.  Take 5 minutes and review page 21B in your packet. Match up the buzzwords with the                         correct scan.

          B. Review Notes

          C.Scan Application  Understanding Brain Techniques Worksheet

2. Finish Looking at ALS and MS
Review homework from Tuesday on Page 16 C and 16 D.
   A .Understanding ALS- Mike Oyer Case Study(5 minutes)
   B. Understanding MS- Kayla Video  (20 minutes

3. Sample Quiz 
Monday: Neural Communication, Neurotransmitters, Tools for Understanding the Brain and MS/ALS
                Neurotransmitters and Me completed

4.  Review Parts of the Hindbrain
    A. Lecture        
    B. Brain Says
    C.  Case 
    D. Current Event- Cerebellum
    E. Brain Profiles

Homework for Monday
1. Video 6-
2. Study for Quiz-
3. Neurotransmitter and Me

Next week here are the upcoming assignments!
Homework Due Tuesday
 Video 7-Cortex
Homework Due Wednesday
  * Vocabulary Note Cards Lesions-Plasticity
TEST IS MONDAY- October 2nd

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Unit 2_Review Neurotransmitters and Understanding ALS and MS

Thursday, September 21st

ALS                                                                                                 MS
Image result for als                                   Image result for ms

1. Wrapping up Case Studies 
A.  A Day in the Life-Neurotransmitters  
B. When you are done you cane begin looking at your project.
         Neurotransmitter and Me (Look under schoology Unit 2 (hand out folder) - Due Monday

C. Check answers (questions) for case study

2. Looking at ALS and MS
Review homework from Tuesday on Page 16 C and 16 D.
  WATCHED the first 10 minutes- Understanding MS- Kayla Video  (20 minutes)

Homework Due Friday
1. Video Five or pages 69-71
Here is the youtube channel. YOU SHOULD ALSO HAVE VIDEO FOUR COMPLETE! 

Homework Due Monday SEPTEMBER 25
1. Video six 
2. Study for the Quiz
You will have a quiz on Monday on Neural Communication, Neurotransmitters, MS/ALS and tools.
3. Neurotransmitter and Me

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Unit 2_Neurotransmitters

Wednesday, September 20

Image result for neurotransmitters

1. Recap- Neural Communication- Questions

 2. Discuss Neurotransmitter
- Review Chart Assigned for Homework
- Case Study Assignment  Activity: A Day in the Life of a Psychologist.  Page 16 B in your packet 
- If you are absent take a look at these cases , write your answers on the following page in your packet.  A Day in the Life of a Psychologist.  Page 16 B in your packet .  

3. Neurotransmitter and Me (look under hand outs in schoology-unit 2)
   -Go under HAND OUTS- Neurotransmitter and Me document.
   - Ms. Gavin also has a hard copy.

Homework Due Thursday
1. Video Four Notes-Tools for Researching the Brain
2. PROMPT ON PAGE 16 C and 16 D. 
Also make sure this video was completed last night. Video on MS and ALS-Watch the short video on ALS and MS.
3. Neurotransmitter and Me Project  (DUE MONDAY)

Homework Due Friday
1. Video Five or pages 69-71

Homework Due Monday SEPTEMBER 25
1. Video six 
2. Study for the Quiz
3. Neurotransmitter and Me


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unit 2_Neural Communication

Tuesday, September 19th 
Understanding Neurotransmitters 

Image result for neurotransmitters cartoon

1. Review Neural Transmission
      Neural Communication
       -14 A
       -Video on Neural Communication 
       - Hallway Demo
       -Neural Communication in Pictures Page 14D and 14E in your packet.

Homework Due Wednesday 
1. Make sure 14D and 14E are completed!

2. Video on MS and ALS-Watch the short video on ALS and MS.  Feel free to do further research on following links to understand the illness.
       1.MS WEBSITE and  MS Video Link 
       2. ALS WEBSITE

Homework Due Thursday
1. Video Four Notes-Tools for Researching the Brain
2. PROMPT ON PAGE 16 C and 16 D. 
Also make sure this video was completed last night. Video on MS and ALS-Watch the short video on ALS and MS.

3. Neurotransmitter and Me Project  (DUE MONDAY)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Unit 2_Neural Communication

Monday, September 18
Neural Communication 

Image result for neural transmission cartoon

1. Kahoot reviewing the Nervous System

2. Quiz: Nervous System, Endocrine System, Parts of a Neuron and Types of Neurons.

3. Neural Communication
       -14 A
       -Video on Neural Communication 
       - Hallway Demo
       -Neural Communication in Pictures Page 14D and 14C in your packet.

                    1. Neurotransmitter Notes (page 57-58 textbook)
                          Take Notes on chart given in class Neural Transmitter Fill in the Blank Activity

                     1. Neural Communication in Pictures Page 14D and 14C in your packet.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 22__Unit 2_Endocrine, Nervous System and Neuron Review

Friday, September 15th

Image result for neural communication

Task One:  Review the Nervous System, Page 20 A and B 

Task Two: Parts of the Neuron
- Review structure of the Neuron- Page 13 in packet
-Review Sensory Neurons-Inter-neuron-Motor Neuron
Demo: Sensory, Motor and Interneurons 

Homework DUE MONDAY: 
                     1. Note cards
                       Note Cards (Biological psychologist --Antagonist)
                       These are the first 32 terms on the Quizlet. Make sure you are reviewing them.

                      2. Neural Communication
                     -Page 14 A in your
                       3. Study for Quiz. You will have a short quiz over the nervous system, endocrine
                       system, parts of the neuron and types of neurons for Monday.

                       4. Checking in Notes: Make sure you have the following notes done. 
                                 Nervous System
                                 Neural Communication 

                    1. Neurotransmitter Notes (page 57-58 textbook)
                          Take Notes on chart given in class Neural Transmitter Fill in the Blank Activity

Homework Due Wednesday

                     1. Neural Communication in Pictures Page 14D and 14C in your packet.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Unit 2_Sept 13th_Neuron Creation

               Thursday, September 14th
Shorten Period
Period 1- 7:35-8:16
Period 2 --8:21-9:01 or 9:01-9:42
Period 3 9:47-10:28
Image result for neuron

Task One Video and Notes on a Neuron
1. Open up your packets to page 14. Watch the following video clip. As you view the clip you should draw a neuron and label the parts.  The Neuron

Neuron Creation
      Assemble a neuron and for a participation grade, you must explain the structure and parts to Ms. Gavin when assembled (BEFORE YOU CAN EAT YOUR COOKIES).

Neuron Coloring
      While snacking on your cookies, color and label the structures on page 13. Use your book for another reference.

Hey Class so the video is a little choppy for video 2 there are two parts. Look at the links below and follow which times to watch.

1. Please watch  -Unit 2_Neural Communication- Title Your Notes Neural Communication

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Unit One_FRQ and Nervous System Review

Wednesday, September 13th

Related image

1. Collect Stranger Papers

2.  Review the Nervous System
     A. Review Notes on the nervous system.
     B. Example
     C. Review Homework 20 A and 20 B

3. FRQ Practice

-Video One ONLY 8 minutes! OR Reading 51-54

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Unit 1_Wrap Up_ Test Corrections

Tuesday, September 12th 

Image result for frq

1. FRQ Check  - Which one if the best?
Take a look at the sample FRQ written by your classmates. Which points would you assign? Click on the form to share your answers.

3. Test Corrections
You will have 15 minutes to start test correction
Test Corrections will be allowed on the following dates:

September 12th Tuesday: 2:30-3:30
September 13th Wednesday: 8:15-8:45
September 14th Thursday: 2:30-3:00
September 15th Friday: 2:30-3:30
LAST DAY September 18th Monday: 2:30-3:30

-Stranger Paper due Wednesday- PRINTED OUT     Stranger Paper.
-Study the Approaches- Quiz Wednesday 
-Worksheet 20 A and 20 B

Monday, September 11, 2017

Unit 1_Reflection_Test Corrections

Monday, September 11th
Image result for test corrections

1. Binder 
Take 10 minutes to organize your binder. A grade will be taken on how organized your binder is. Please make sure all handouts from this unit are under section one.

2. Stranger Paper
While students are working on their binder and organizing materials please take a look at the  Stranger Paper. The stranger paper is DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th. You must have a printed out version of the paper.  NO EXCUSES.  You can begin working on the paper. 

3. FRQ discussion
Please take a look at the FRQ assignment.
1. Define in your own words
2. Apply the approach to the case.

You will have the FRQ portion of the test on Wednesday. 

4. Test Corrections
Test corrections are your opportunity to earn back points. You will have a limited time to complete them in class. Below is the schedule when you can work on test corrections. You must show Ms. Gavin your notes to work on test corrections.  

    1. Folder- for test and corrections.
     2. Box- where you can find corrections.

September 12th Tuesday: 2:30-3:30
September 13th Wednesday: 8:15-8:45
September 14th Thursday: 2:30-3:00
September 15th Friday: 2:30-3:30
LAST DAY September 18th Monday: 2:30-3:30

5. New Packet
Here is your new packet for the unit. Get a new packet and note card holder.

1. Unit 2: Video Nervous System    Unit 2_Video Three_Nervous System

Friday, September 8, 2017

Unit One_Test_Friday September 8th

Friday, September 8th 

Test Day!
Image result for keep calm and study ap psychology

Class I will be at OPRF today for a conference. GOOD LUCK on your first test. I am checking in binders and note cards for Unit One MONDAY!  So make sure you have all your materials!

1.  Stranger Paper- This is DUE ON TUESDAY

2.   FRQ Practice. Due on Monday. Green Worksheet handed out in Class. 

3. Please bring your binder to class on Monday. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Unit One_Research_Experiment and Stats

Thursday, September 7th

Image result for experiment in psychology

1. Kahoot on Correlation

2. Experiment
      A. Reading Independent
      B. Lecture on Research
      C. Experiment Practice

3. Stats Review

4. Questions on Test

1. Note Cards on Research (Mode to inferential statistics)
2. Make sure all notes are completed, Review guide and note cards.
*Review Session is at 2:30 in room 152 F

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Unit One_Research_September 6th_Correlation

Wednesday September 6th Correlation Review 

Image result for correlation

1. Review Research Methods 
Naturalistic Observation
Case Study

2. Correlation Review 
1.Review the correlation worksheet you were assigned for homework.
2. Kahoot Examples

1. Webquest on Stats- Page 26- Page 28
2. Review Guide

*Review Session is Thursday!!!!! 2:30-3:30

*On Friday all notes will be checked in from Unit 1- Research. I will also check in your pink review guide. Lastly I will check in your note cards.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Unit One_September 5th_ Research Methods_Correlation and Experimental Design

Tuesday, September 5th

                                                                Image result for survey images

1. Key People Review 
Take the next twelve minutes and complete the quiz on the key people. When you are done you can begin page
                 Period 3
                 Period 2
                 Period 1
2. Review Weekly Updates
- Pass Back Old Quizzes (Buzzword and Unit One Quiz)
-Make-Up Buzzword Quiz Wednesday after school 2:30
- Reminder that the Unit One Test is Friday
- Review session is Thursday after school 2:30-3:30

As a class we will review the importance of survey writing and why surveys are important. This is the document that was handed out in class. Survey Notes and Review Handout 

1. Make sure all notes from video 5- 8 are complete. 
2. Pink Review Guide Due Friday
3. Review Research Methods   Here is the worksheet from class: examples. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Unit One_September 1st_ Research Methods_Survey and Correlation

Friday, SEPTEMBER 1st! 

Image result for research methods

1.Methods of Research-
A. Take ten minutes to research your topic. Below are the links to the powerpoint from the class assignment.
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
B. Then you are required to teach each of the various methods to your group.

2. Naturalistic Observation : 
As a class we will review the Hawthorne Effect and the Stranger Paper.
      A. What is the Hawthorne Effect?
      B.  Stranger Paper

3. Key People Quiz
You have 13 minutes to complete the online quiz. We will finish it on Tuesday!

1. Video and Correlation Handout  

2. Video Lecture 8 (Use page 8 as a reference)  OR Page 37-46 in the textbook

3. Key People- We will finish the quiz in class on Tuesday!

4. Review Guide Due Wednesday

5. Stranger Paper Due September 11

6. Notecards- the remainder of the note cards are due Thursday.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

SI_Unit One_August 31st_Research Methods

Image result for research methods

1. Finish Research Notes

2 Methods of Research- Take ten minutes to research your topic
*You will have to teach this to your classmates. Be prepared to share.
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3

3. Observation
    Hawthorne Plant 
    Stranger Paper

1.Note Cards on Research( Naturalistic Observation-Ethics in Research)
2. Approaches to Psychology: You-
3. Key People Quiz 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 30_ Introduction to Research

Wednesday, August 30th
Image result for hindsight bias

1. Introduction to Research Worksheet
     Purpose of research....Importance of Research
  A. Kitty Genovese
  B. New York
  C. What would you do?

2. Review Research (Hindsight Bias, Intuition, and Overconfidence)

1. Video 7 - Due THURSDAY

1. Approaches to Psychology: You-

2. Note Cards on Research( Naturalistic Observation-Ethics in Research)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 29_ Review Approaches/Perspectives to Psychology

Tuesday, August 29th 

Image result for approaches to psychology

1. Buzzword Quiz
Today in class you will start with the buzzword quiz. You are just matching the term with the correct approach.

2. Watch Me. 
After you are done you can begin working on the Approach and you assignment. All the directions for the project are described on the handout.  Approaches to Psychology: You You can hand write the assignment or type it but it must be taped or stapled to the card 1/2 card stock given in class.

3. Video 6 

1. Video 6  Due Wednesday
2. Video 7 Due Thursday
3. Approaches and You Due Friday

Monday, August 28, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 28_ Review Approaches/Perspectives to Psychology

Monday, August 28th
 Image result for perspectives to psychology hand

1. Review Quiz from Friday

2.Approaches Review
In class activity: We spent time looking at the chart on page 20!  You are responsible for matching the term with the various approaches. For example, if I said the word thinking, you would know to match the term with cognitive. Tomorrow in class you will have a quiz, matching the approach to the various buzz words.
3. Approach Project
We went over the directions to the mini project-Approaches and You. This will be DUE Friday.

Note Cards on Research  (Hindsight bias----cross sectional)
Buzzword Quiz will be Tuesday!- Study Page 20 in your packets!
Sample Buzzword Quiz

Friday, August 25, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 25_Quiz One and Review Approaches

Friday, August 25th 
Image result for keep calm and psych on

 1. Quiz One: Careers in Psychology
                       Key Figures

Approaches Worksheet (With examples)
When you are done start reviewing the approaches and take a look at the practice problems. This assignment will be due MONDAY.

1. Video Five  completed for Monday

2. There will be a BUZZWORD quiz on Tuesday (take a look at your yellow chart and page 20)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 24_Project and Approaches

Thursday, August 24th
Image result for flip grid

1. Review Key Figures:
Take several minutes, match the statement with the correct person.

2. Project Time-15 minutes
                 Period 3
                 Period 2
                 Period 1

3. Review History of Psychology Notes and Begin Approaches to Psychology Notes
         A. Hand Activity
         B. Mnemonic Device and Memorize

1.  Finish all Vocabulary Terms 
      Experimental to Gestalt
2. Worksheet 12/13/14 Review

     All Notes (video 1-3)
     All Note cards

4. Quiz will cover Careers in Psychology and Key Figures/History (NO approaches).

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 23_History in Psych/Key People

Wednesday, August 23rd

Image result for key figures in psychology

1. Review the Key Figure Sort (homework from Tuesday)
    Match up the key person with the key statement they stated.

2.  Key Figures Assignment Video (Under Unit One Documents in Schoology)
You and your partner were given a KEY FIGURE in psychology from the gold sheet.  You need to describe to the class who this figure is using 3 clues. The class then will try to guess who the Key Figure is
1. First, introduce yourself to your classmates.
2. State what number you were give in class to identify your key figure.
3. Explain at least three facts about yourself!

Period 3
Period 2
Period 1

1. Note Cards (You need to complete Term #22 "Socrates, Plato and Aristotle"  to  #42 Abraham Maslow). The remainder of the terms will be due on FRIDAY.

2. Key Figure Project Due Friday (You will have 15 minutes to work on this Thursday). Be Prepared to explain your key figure:).

3. QUIZ on Friday, covering terms 1-42, careers in psychology (green worksheet) and key figures (gold sheet). Start Studying!

     All Notes (video 1-3)
     All Note cards

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 22_History in Psych/Key People

Tuesday, August 22

Image result for psychology binder cover
1.Set Up Binder
Please review page 4 in your packet. (You need to have the cover, tabs and 6 clear slips with the units name on it completed).When you are finished please check in the binder with Ms. Gavin for 10 Points. You will have 10 minutes to complete.

  A. Cover: Course Title, Name, Teacher's Name, Room #152 F, Period
  B. Tabs: Take a look at page 4. Write it exactly as stated. Unit # and Title
  C. Clear Cover: You need to have 6 clear tabs to begin. Write the first six names and unit # on the clear cover.

2. Vocabulary Note Cards- (Number 1 "Psychology"- 21 "Human Factors" Due Wednesday)
Begin vocabulary note cards. Use Quizlet.  If you need to get 20 note cards grab them from class before you leave.
A. Side One: Neatly write the term in big letters.
B. Side Two: Definition, highlight key terms.

3. History Notes

1.Note Cards (Psychology-Human Factors)Use Quizlet. 

2. Key Figures Sort for Homework. It was handed out in class. You are matching the statements to the Key Figures.
* If Absent go under the Schoology you will find the hand out: Unit One Resources- KEY FIGURES Document

Monday, August 21, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 21_History in Psychology

Monday, August 21st

Image result for history in psychology

Part OneEclipse Article

Solar Eclipse and Psychology

Part Two: Careers in Psychology Rotation

Part Three: Notes in Psychology- Video One Review

Bring Binder to Class with tabs
Unit One_Video Three and Four _Approaches or reading 8-11.
Parent Note- Due Wednesday

Friday, August 18, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 18_Careers in Psychology

Image result for clinical psychologist

1. Research Individual Career

2. Career Speed Dating Activity 
(Review as a class the various careers in Psychology). These can be found on Pages 12 and 13 in your Book

3. Case Study Review
Various cases were reviewed in class to better understand the various careers in Psychology. Worksheet Attached

1.Complete the following Psychsim.
Complete the Worksheet that connects with the Psychsim. The worksheet is on page 9-11 in your white packet. Period 3- I forgot to give you the packet some complete this document. Make a copy. 

2. Video One or reading pages 1-7. (Unit One-Video One-History) 
*This video is long so skip 7:35-10:15.
Stop the video at 18:14

3. Binder will be due TUESDAY. Please bring to class TUESDAY!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

SI_Unit One_ August 17_ What is AP Psychology?

                                    Day Two- What is AP and class expectations???
                                                     Thursday, August 17th

Today's Agenda
Image result for textbook ap myers

1. Textbook Set Up (10 minutes)
A. VIDEO for Textbook Set Up
B. Online Textbook Setup 
C. Form
D. When you are done you can begin notes.

2. Review Understanding Psychology Worksheet (20 minutes)
 A. Introduce yourself
 B. Take turns pulling out a question and review the answers. Go in a circle allowing everyone to share their thoughts.
C. Teacher/Student Share Out

3. Syllabus Review: (10 minutes)
---Think and Read Syllabus
---Pair: What are three critical pieces you need to understand for this course. Think/Pair/Share
           : Expectation you expect from your (peers and teacher)

1. Unit One_ Video Two_ Careers in Psychology 
Or read page 12 and 13 in your textbook.

                                                                     Image result for psychology vocabulary

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

S1_Day_One_August 16_Welcome to AP PSYCH

Image result for day one school

Welcome to AP PSYCHOLOGY! I am excited you are taking part of the journey this year! It will be a great year! I use blogger everyday to post the agenda for the day, assignments, videos and make class updates. It is a great tool, so please save it to your favorites today!

Today's Agenda
1. What's in the box?
2. Meet the Teacher- Who is Ms. Gavin?
3. Roster and Schoology/Blog
4. Discuss Homework With AP PSYCH COLLEGE Board
                            Class Hand Out-Introduction_AP PSYCH_College Board Worksheet
                            Link for Side One- Task One:Understanding an AP Course
                            Link for Side Two- Task Two: Understanding PSYCHOLOGY
5. Meet the class- Who are my classmates?

                A. Introduction Worksheet BOTH SIDES
                B. Read Over the Calendar (Handout)
                C. Look over needed materials below for Monday, August 21
Class Materials
A. 2 Inch 3 Ring Binder with clear cover
·         B. 13 Tabs
·        C.  Loose Leaf Paper
·        D.  Pen, Pencils, Highlighter
·        E. 3-Ring Notebook
·        F. Notecards