Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Unit 4 and 5 Wrap-up_Wednesday November 30th 2016


2. Binder Organization

3. Test Corrections
            Dates to finish Test corrections-Thursday morning/After School
                                                                Friday morning/after School

Video One and Video Two DUE THURSDAY

Upcoming Assigments
Note Card List -
Terms-----Memory- Visual Processing Completed by Friday- December 2nd
Terms----Acoustic Encoding-Explicit Memory Monday- December 5th
Terms----Hippocampus-Source Amnesia Tuesday-December 6th

Video Three- Friday
Video Four- Monday 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Unit 4 and 5_Test_ Sensation and Perception and Consciousness

Unit 4 and 5 Test Day

As we get closer to finals be mindful that we have one more Unit to complete. Please make sure you complete these notes tonight, so you are prepared for a possible open note quiz Thursday.

Video One: Information Processing- Due Wednesday 

Video Two: Encoding-Due Thursday 

Video Three: Storage- Due Tuesday

Video Four: Retrieval- Due Wednesday

Video Five: Forgetting- Due Thursday

Video Six: Memory Construction- Due Friday

Monday, November 28, 2016

Unit 5_Psychoactive Drugs_Review

1. Kahoot Review

2. Pass back all materials- old quiz, notecards, review guide.

3. Psychoactive Drugs Review

Note cards will be collected tomorrow. You have a test on Unit 4-5.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unit 5_Dreams

1. Review Sleep Disorders- 37 around the room.

2. Understanding Dreams 
 Video One: Why do we dream?
Watch the first video and answer the questions about Dream Basics.

 Video Two: Dream Theories
Take 5 minutes to review the dream theories. Review Dream Theories. Define each theory and draw an image

Article on Lucid Dreaming
If you have time take a look at current research on Lucid Dreaming

Dream Dictionary
If you have time, take a look at the dream dictionary.

3.Interesting Facts----

1. Video 4_Drugs

2. Note Cards for Unit 5- Page 27 in Packet

3. Practice Test (Period 1 and 2 odd) (Period 3 even)
4. You should be studying for your Unit 4-5 test over break. The test will be on TUESDAY. Even if you miss school on MONDAY, you will be required to take the test!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Unit 5_Sleep Stages and Disorders

1.  Nearpod Review (Theories/Stages/Disorders)
2. Review Sleep Disorders

Video 3- Dreams and Hypnosis

Friday, November 18, 2016

Unit 5_Theories of Sleep and Theories_Friday

During Class you will be completing the following tasks on sleep. There is to be no talking. This will count as a quiz grade and worksheet is due at the end of class. 

1. In order to make sure everyone completes the video please sign into Edpuzzle. You will have to make an account. Use your full name. It will track your progress and I will give you a participation grade! Use your full first and last name.

1    2.After you are done reviewing the theories of sleep. Take a look at the six different links on the blog. Describe which theory matches the article or video BEST.
 Source One-
Source Two
Source Three
Source Four 




1. Unit Five_Video Two Consciousness_Sleep- Video (Due Monday)

2. Complete Page Web Activity 33-34 in Packet (Due Monday)Psych Central  and Neuroscience for kids

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Unit 4 and 5_Consciousness_Introduction_ Thursday

1. Perception Check

2. What is Consciousness? Page 31
         Video  One  and Video Two

3. Types of Consciousness
      * Meditation and Being Aware
      * Pre-conscious
      * Unconscious
      * Altered States
4. "Being Aware"

5. Begin Page 33 and 34 in your packets.

1. Video One: Introduction to Consciousness

2. In order to check your nightly reading, please complete the online quiz on Socrative (1D3F4077)

* Must be completed by 7 am or no participation will be accepted.

Additional Review Resource on Types of Consciousness

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Unit 4 and 5_Sensation and Perception_PERCEPTION BASICS

Student Catch Up.
During this time the teacher will be calling you up to discuss your grade and performance. You are RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING CONCEPTS!

1. Video One: Perception

2.Video Two: Depth Perception

Presentation ESP

YOU SHOULD BE COMPLETING THE FOLLOWING LINKS ABOVE FOR HOMEWORK! If you do not have the handout use paper. VIDEO 7 and 8 should also be completed!        

   Unit 5:Consciousness Video One Due Friday

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Unit 4_Sensation and Perception_Quiz

1. Difference between Kinesthetic Awareness and Vestibular Sense

2.Review Guide- True and False Information- Kahoot

3. Quiz - Video on 1-6; Collect Notecards, Review Guide and Vets Day Assignment

Updated Calendar 
Video 7 Due Today USE GUIDE IN PACKET 21-24   Video 7

Video 8 Due Wednesday Guide in Packet 25 Video *Video 8

Monday, November 14, 2016

Unit 4_Taste/Touch/Smell Review

1 Taste and Smell- Review and Video 

2. Hearing
    - Order
    -Sound (Frequency and Amplitude)

3. REVIEW Touch- (VIDEO 5) 
             *Gateway Control Theory

4. Kahoot

1. ALL Material from Video 1-6 and Note cards-DUE TUESDAY (NO LATE WORK)

2. Video 7 Due Tuesday USE GUIDE IN PACKET 21-24
Video  7

3. Quiz Tuesday

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Unit 4_Sensation_Touch_Taste_Smell_ Friday

Hello class! Happy Veteran's Day! Today in class you have a number of things to complete. Please use this time wisely!

Veteran’s Day and Psychology
 Part One: Veterans Day Assignment
Directions: November 11th is Veteran’s Day. It is a time to stop and remember those who have given themselves to the country. Serving in the military has left many veterans’ struggling to adjust back to “normal life.” Take a look at the following cases and answer the questions that follow. Write your answers on the first side of the gold sheet. Due Monday. 
*   Hearing Loss Article
    Part Two: Review Taste, Smell, Touch
  Directions watch the following crash course then complete the worksheet in gold packet.It follows the Veteran's Day Activity. 
  Due Monday Crash Course to Sensation- Due Monday 

    Part Three: Review Guide due Monday
     Directions-Pink guide Work on the review guide-Due Monday

     1. Quiz on TUESDAY (I will check in notes 1-6 and note cards on Page 2 TUESDAY)
2. Review Guide (Due Monday-PINK)
3. Vet's Work and Crash Course-(Gold Worksheet-Due Monday)
4,  Video 7 (Due Monday)- Please take notes for video 7 in Packet on Pages 21-24
5   Test Corrections Due TODAY!  

Unit 4_Sensation_ Hearing_November 10th

1.   Review Vision
2. Parts of the ear and structures

Video 6 
* Note Cards Due Monday
Updated Calendar 

Make sure Unit 4- Video 1- 6 is completed for the QUIZ ON MONDAY.
 youtube channel 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Unit 4_Sensation_Hearing_Wednesday November 9th

Election News
CNN Student NewsThe U.S. presidential election is front-and-center today on CNN Student News. Learn how President-Elect Donald Trump clinched the vote, hear what he said in his victory speech, and find out when Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton conceded. Explanations on how CNN projects elections and how the makeup of Congress was shaping up are also featured this

1. Vision Quiz- Reviewing the definition.

2. Review the order and label.

3. Auditory Processing Sort

*Hearing Worksheet
        Types of Deafness
* Study Visual Processing and the Parts of the Eye
* Note Cards Due Monday
Updated Calendar 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Unit Four_Light Spectrum and Theories_Tuesday November 8th

Task One: Take a look at the following concepts. You will have 20 minutes to independently complete the worksheet. Then we will review.
1. Light Spectrum
2. Visual Processing
                     A. Define Feature Detection
                    B. Define Parallel Processing 
3. Theories
4. If you have time Colorblind

Task Two: Labeling the eye and understanding the parts of the eye.

Video 5
Notecards-page 2
Study the Vision Processing Worksheet and the Yellow Vision Diagram from Class.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Unit 4_Sensation_Review Video Two and Three_Monday November 7th

Part One:
Review Unit One Vocabulary

*Sensory Adaptation vs. Habituation

*Signal Detection Theory

Part Two: Video Two Notes 
 * Understanding the Process of Vision-in packet 11

* Creating Image with a partner
         1. Create a visual of this term
         2. Define the term
* Placing Terms in Order         

Auditory Webquest ----click on auditory systems! Page 16 and 17

Friday, November 4, 2016

Unit 4_Sensation_Visual Processing_Friday November 4th

Even though people were absent we still covered the following content in class. Make sure you are aware of the terms! 

Part One: Review Introduction Terms Nearpod
Absolute Threshold vs. Difference Threshold 
. Hearing test 
*. Webers Law 
Subliminal Messages 
*Selective Attention
*Change Blindness

Review- Look Over Notes

Weekend Homework: DUE MONDAY
Web Quest Link (Write your answer on page 12 and 13)
*Video 4_Hearing

Auditory Webquest Page 16 and 17

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Unit 4_Day Two_Video One_Thurday Nov. 3rd

Reviewed receptors, sensation, perception, stimulus, top-down and bottome up processing.

Review Video One_ Introduction Terms

1. What do you see? 

2. Top Down vs. Bottom Up Processing

Video Three- Vision PART TWO

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Unit 4_Sensation_Wednesday November 2nd

1. Nearpod

  B. Highlight and Title Introduction to Sensation Notes           

2. What will we explore this unit? Intro

3. Page 8- Review Terms Receptors, Stimulus, Sensation, Perception, Transduction

Video 2- Vision

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Unit 4_Organization_Tuesday_November 1st

1. Review Midterm

2. Attendance for Elearning
      A. Go to Schoology. Sign in.
      B. Courses- AP Psychology
      C. Attendance
      D. Lesson

3. Lets get organized.
Image result for meme organization

       A. Grade Check- All Late work (nothing dated up to 10/30 will be accepted late)
       B. Test Corrections- Unit 3- Due November 11th.3.
             Test Corrections Form Due November 11th.
       C. Binder Organized
       D. Begin Unit 4 Notes

Finish Video One Notes: 10 minutes-20 Minutes