Monday, November 24, 2014

Unit 4_Sensation_Touch_Taste_Smell_ Friday

Hello class! Happy Veteran's Day! Today in class you have a number of things to complete. Please use this time wisely!

Veteran’s Day and Psychology
 Part One: Veterans Day Assignment
Directions: November 11th is Veteran’s Day. It is a time to stop and remember those who have given themselves to the country. Serving in the military has left many veterans’ struggling to adjust back to “normal life.” Take a look at the following cases and answer the questions that follow. Write your answers on the first side of the gold sheet. Due Monday. 
*   Hearing Loss Article
    Part Two: Review Taste, Smell, Touch
  Directions watch the following crash course then complete the worksheet in gold packet.It follows the Veteran's Day Activity. 
  Due Monday Crash Course to Sensation- Due Monday 

    Part Three: Review Guide due Monday
     Directions-Pink guide Work on the review guide-Due Monday

     1. Quiz on TUESDAY (I will check in notes 1-6 and note cards on Page 2 TUESDAY)
2. Review Guide (Due Monday-PINK)
3. Vet's Work and Crash Course-(Gold Worksheet-Due Monday)
4,  Video 7 (Due Monday)- Please take notes for video 7 in Packet on Pages 21-24
5   Test Corrections Due TODAY!  

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